Can I Broadcast to a Roku Channel With Resi?

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Roku is an over-the-top streaming service where viewers can access your content. If you want to give viewers more opportunities to watch your events, consider designing a Roku Channel. For more information on creating and developing a Roku Channel, see Roku’s Developer Documentation. When you’re ready to stream to Roku, the following instructions provide what you need from Studio.

1. Enable Stream URLs

You’ll need the HLS stream URL to broadcast with Roku. First, make sure stream URLs are available in your Resi subscription (Learn more). If you don’t have access to them, contact your Customer Success Manager or Resi’s sales team.

Once you have access to stream URLs, toggle them on for each web channel you want to broadcast to Roku with. Learn more image3.png

2. Get Your HLS Stream URL

Roku uses the HTTP Live Stream (HLS) stream URL to broadcast your content over the internet. To find and copy the HLS stream URL:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Web Channels.
  2. Click the web channel you want to broadcast from.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page or click the Embed tab.
  4. Click Stream URLs.
  5. Use the copy icon image1.png to copy the HLS URL to your clipboard.  image2.png
  6. Paste the HLS URL into your Roku Channel.
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