Can I Broadcast to an Apple TV Application with Resi?

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Alongside Roku devices, Apple TV is one of the most popular choices for in-home streaming devices. Consider designing a tvOS application to provide your audience with more opportunities to access your content. For more information, you can read Apple’s tvOS overview and their documentation for designing tvOS apps. When you are ready to stream to an Apple TV app, you can use the following instructions to get what you need from Studio in order to start your broadcast.

1. Enable Stream URLs for Your Web Channel

In order to broadcast to a tvOS application, you will need to make sure that Stream URLs are available in your Resi streaming plan. For more information, contact Resi’s success or sales team. Once Stream URLs have been enabled on your account, you will need to turn on for the web channel you intend on broadcasting from. Learn how to activate stream urls in Studio.

2. Copy Your HLS URL

Apple TVs use HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology to broadcast your content over the internet (learn more). Once you turn on your Stream URL for the intended web channel, you can  find and copy your HLS URL.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Web Channels.
  2. Click on the Embed tab.apple_tv_embed_tab.jpg
  3. Click on the Stream URLs button.apple_tv_stream_urls.jpg

Copy the HLS URL.apple_tv_copy_hls.jpgThe Resi User Group on Facebook is a great place to connect and interact with other Resi users. You may be able to find additional help and information by posting your questions there. Please note, it is not monitored by Resi's support team and they will not answer inquiries on social media.

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