How Do I Duplicate a Schedule?

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Duplicating a schedule allows you to copy the exact details of one of your scheduled events to a second event with a single click. You don’t need to fill out the details or configure the destinations again. You can duplicate both one-time or recurring events and edit any configurations before saving to your schedule. 

When you duplicate a schedule, all details will remain the same except the date and title. Studio automatically adds 7 days from the schedule you selected and “Copy of” to the title. Duplicating a recurring schedule will toggle repeats on. The “Copy of” title will also apply to all of your event’s destinations if you have the Apply to All toggle enabled. Duplicating a recurring schedule will leave the repeats toggle active in the duplicate.

For example, if you want to broadcast an event a second time with the same configuration, but change the YouTube account it’s broadcasting to, duplicate the event through the Schedule page then edit the content destinations to add or remove YouTube accounts.

You cannot duplicate events to run at the same time as other events using the same encoder and web channel(s).

How Do I Duplicate a Schedule?

  1. Navigate to the Schedule page in Studio.
  2. Select the single event or an instance of a recurring event you want to duplicate on the schedule. 
  3. Click the actions icon image2.png Duplicate. Screenshot_2023-04-06_at_3.01.37_PM.png
  4. In the Add Event page, edit any details for your event that you want to change (Learn more). Please note that Studio automatically adds “Copy of” to the event name and adjusts the start date forward 7 days.


  5. At the bottom of the page, click Save
  6. Your event will now appear in the scheduler and run at the date and time you selected.
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