Why Doesn't the HDMI Port on My RAY Encoder Work?

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The HDMI port on RAY encoders is output-only and intended for use in troubleshooting. It does not accept an input signal. To access the CentOS operating system on the encoder, run an HDMI cable from the RAY encoder to a monitor. When you turn on the monitor, CentOS will appear. Log in using the credentials given to you by our technical support team. If you’ve misplaced or didn’t receive them, please contact us

You will need to also plug a mouse and keyboard into the RAY encoder's USB ports to troubleshoot within the operating system.

You can use CentOS to diagnose why the encoder is showing offline, if it has received an IP address from your local network, or if it is able to ping out. For assistance with troubleshooting your decoder, contact our technical support team.

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