How Does The Content Library Free Trial Work?

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With the Content Library free trial, Resi customers can explore the features included in a Content Library’s subscription risk-free for 30 days.

How Do I Sign Up?

Any user with the organization admin role can sign up for the Content Library free trial by navigating to the Library page in Studio. Click the Start Your FREE Trial button to get started. The billing admin on your account will receive an email confirmation that your trial has started.

What Do I Get With The Content Library Free Trial?

The Content Library free trial gives your organization access to ALL the features included in a standard Content Library subscription. To learn more about using Content Library features in Studio, visit the Resi Help Center.

What Happens When The Trial Ends?

If you do not cancel your trial, a Content Library Starter subscription will be added to your organization’s subscription after the trial period ends. If you prefer to be enrolled in a higher-tier plan, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

What If I Want To Cancel?

The Content Library free trial lasts for 30 days. You can end your trial at any time during that period by navigating to the Organization Details page in Studio and clicking Cancel Trial. Canceling your trial opts you out of a Content Library subscription when your trial period ends.  

If you cancel the Content Library free trial, after the 30 days of the trial period have elapsed you will lose access to any videos you’ve saved to the Library.

How do I use Content Library?

The Content Library free trial (or subscription) unlocks all the features of the Library in Studio. You can find information about using the Library at the Resi Help Center. For more assistance, please contact customer success.

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