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In Studio, it’s easy to see and change the billing information associated with your account. In order to do so, you will need the billing and organization admin privileges. If you would like to learn more about changing roles and permissions, you can read our article on how to Manage Your Team in Studio.

See a Breakdown of Your Subscription Details

Before you add a payment method, you may want to see exactly what you are paying for. If you would like to adjust any of this, be sure to reach out to your customer success manager or our billing department. To see a detailed breakdown of what your subscription costs entail:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Organization Details in Studio.
    2. Click the Update Billing Info button. Screen_Shot_2022-12-01_at_11.24.35_AM.png
    1. Click the button with your subscription plan name and bill. image4.png
    1. Click the View Breakdown link to look over a detailed breakdown of what your subscription and add-on pricing, including sales tax.


View and Change Billing Information

Once you have an idea of what you are paying for in your subscription,

  1. Click the Update Billing Info button on your Organization Details page.
  2. In the billing info popup, click on and adjust any of the following area. image5.png
  • Account Information: Update the email address where billing confirmation and notifications will be sent.
  • Billing & Shipping Addresses: the address associated with your primary billing method. Enter the details and click Update to confirm the change. You will need to make sure that the address is the same one associated with whichever payment method(s) you select, since you can only add one address at a time
  • Payment Methods: add new credit/debit cards or submit an application for ACH debit authorization to have payments withdrawn directly from your checking or savings account. If you have more than one account or card on file, you must select a primary payment method and you may select a backup (to be billed in case the primary payment method fails).
  • Billing History: a list of all of your invoices from our billing system, which are all downloadable for your convenience.

Once you have made any necessary changes to your billing information, you can click the X button in the corner of the popup. Your changes will save after updating or adding to each section.

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