How Do I Find My Decoder IP Address?

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Your local router assigns a decoder an IP address and you can find it in the decoder’s interface. To access the interface, you’ll need to plug a monitor, keyboard, and mouse into your decoder.

Once you’ve plugged the peripherals into your decoder, power on the monitor and decoder. Enter your login credentials and sign in to access the decoder interface.

When you initially add a venue to your account, you’ll create a username and password for it. Use those credentials to log in to your decoder (Learn more). If you'd like to learn more about network configuration, see Configure Your Network for Resi

  1. Log in to the decoder.
  2. Hover over the Network panel in the top-left of the decoder interface. 
  3. If you don't move the mouse, a modal will appear with the decoder’s IP address to the right of eno2. 


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