How Do I Upload a Video for Replay?

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With Studio, you can upload videos, including those you’ve edited, mixed, or produced to replay as if live to viewers (they must fit within Studio’s file requirements). Viewers can scrub back to any point in the video but only forward to “live” (how far as the video has played back). 

Upload a Video as an Encoder/Web Video

First, you’ll need to upload a video as an encoder video/web video and set it aside for the next replay event. Visit this page for more details on uploading to Studio.

  1. Navigate to your Media in Studio
  2. Click the + Upload Video button in the top-right.  Screen_Shot_2023-01-24_at_12.16.28_PM.png
  3. Select Encoder/Web Video as the content source.  Screen_Shot_2023-01-24_at_12.16.44_PM.png
  4. Click Select Video File > drag and drop the video to the upload icon image4.png or browse to find it on your computer. If the video fits the file requirements, you’ll see a green checkmark. Click Continue. Screen_Shot_2023-01-24_at_12.17.12_PM.png
  5. Activate the Create web video toggle image10.png .
  6. Give your video a title.
  7. Select the encoder channel and web channel your video will be stored in. 

Encoder channels store content until it expires. Web channels store your most recent broadcasts until they expire and provide embed options to distribute your content to viewers (Learn more).

  1. Under Available to View on the Embed Code and Stream URLs, select At next scheduled replay time


If any web videos are already scheduled for next replay in that web channel, Studio will warn you they’ll be replaced. You can change the content that’s active or scheduled for next replay in any web channel at any time. Learn more

  1. Click Start Upload.
  2. The video will upload and appear as the most recent encoder and web videos. In the Web Videos tab, it will contain the next replay tag image1.pngScreen_Shot_2023-01-24_at_12.20.34_PM.png 

Please note that this isn’t the active video in any web channel. Any viewers using the embedded player will only see the active content for each web channel (Learn more). It will become the active content when it broadcasts. 

Schedule Your Replay Event

Studio’s schedule function allows you to schedule out your next replay event. It will begin and end at the date and time you choose (Learn more).

  1. Navigate to the Schedule page in Studio.
  2. Click the + Add Event button in the top-right.  
  3. Configure the details for your replay event, including the date, time, and duration you want it to run. Learn more
  4. Select Replay as the content source. Screen_Shot_2023-01-24_at_12.21.19_PM.png
  5. Click the + Add Destination button to add web and social media destinations. You’ll need to configure them individually. 
  6. When configuring web and social media destinations, choose the web channel that has your newly uploaded video with the next replay tag. Learn more Screen_Shot_2023-01-24_at_12.21.49_PM.png
  7. Click Add.  
  8. Once you’ve configured all the destinations you want, click Save
  9. Your replay event will now appear on the schedule and broadcast at the date and time you selected.  

The play icon surrounded by an arrow indicates a replay event.

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