Audio and Video Sync

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Video and audio signal issues are a common hurdle for most live-broadcasting environments. While Resi’s technology is built with the integrity and reliability you would expect, many of the signal issues our customers run into have less to do with faulty equipment and more to do with improper setup. This is why we recommend that you read our article on the basics of signal paths and run the proper tests before the start of your event.

Synchronization issues between your audio and video signals most often occur before they reach your encoder. You can determine whether your signals are syncing properly by plugging your camera into the back of your encoder, running an event, and checking the video signal.

Once you do this: 

  • If you notice that your audio is running ahead of your video signal, you will need to delay it from the source audio console. You will need to consult the documentation for your mixer or digital audio workstation to learn how to do this.
  • If you notice that your video is running ahead of your audio (without any delay added) you may need additional hardware to delay your video feed, such as a video delay unit.

It is important to remember that Resi support cannot not resolve signal path issues. As such, any signal issues that occur outside of your encoder or decoder will need to be resolved by an integrator. You can contact one of our local resellers to inquire about signal integration services.

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