How Do I See the Bandwidth I’m Using?

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With Studio, you can see the month-to-date streaming bandwidth you’ve used, how many days are left in the current month, and usage by day if you have a live streaming plan with embed options. Studio includes both a widget on the Dashboard and a detailed view of bandwidth usage in your Organization Details. Bandwidth usage is correct to the minute, with the exception of high-traffic times. 

Understanding how much streaming bandwidth you’ve used will allow you to make the adjustments necessary to stay within your plan’s allowance or if your viewership has increased, know if you’ll be receiving an overage charge the following month ahead of time. Things that affect bandwidth usage include views, time watched, and resolution viewers used. 

Even if you exceed your maximum bandwidth for the month, Resi will not interrupt or stop your service.

If your viewership continues to increase and you’re consistently over your bandwidth allowance, you can upgrade your plan by contacting your Customer Success Manager. 

How Do I Access the Bandwidth Widget?

  1. Log into Studio.
  2. The Dashboard is the default page when you log into Studio. If you’re not there, navigate to the Dashboard
  3. The bandwidth widget either be to the right or below your encoders on the page.  Screen_Shot_2023-01-31_at_9.04.00_AM.png

How Do I Access the Bandwidth Usage Tab?

The Bandwidth Usage tab contains detailed information about your month-to-date usage. In addition to the details in the bandwidth widget, you can see a three-month bandwidth usage average and a day-by-day breakdown.

Only Org Admins have access to the Bandwidth Usage tab.

To access the Bandwidth Usage tab:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard.
  2. Click See All in the bandwidth widget.  Screen_Shot_2023-01-31_at_9.04.21_AM.png
  3. The box on the left provides detailed information including month-to-date bandwidth used, when the current cycle will reset, and a three-month bandwidth usage average.  Screen_Shot_2023-01-31_at_9.04.46_AM.png
  4. The calendar on the right provides a day-to-day breakdown of bandwidth usage month-to-date. A dark-blue calendar day indicates high usage and white indicates low usage. Hover over a specific day to see that day's usage.  Screen_Shot_2023-01-31_at_9.06.56_AM.png
  5. Below that, Studio provides a month-by-month usage breakdwon. 

You can also access the Bandwidth Usage tab by navigating to Settings > Bandwidth Usage.

How Do I See Bandwidth Usage for a Specific Day?

Clicking on a specific day in the broadband usage calendar will let you see all of the bandwidth that has been used throughout the day, at what time, which event it was used for, and other helpful metrics for understanding your usage trends. In order to access these details:

  1. On the Organization Details page, click the Bandwidth Usage tab. 
  2. In the calendar, click on a specific day that you would like to see details for.


From here you can see:

  • The amount of bandwidth used on that day.
  • A comparison to the bandwidth used on the same day of the previous week.
  • The total percentage of your data allowance that has been used on this day.
  • A summary with the broadcast date, event name, and the amount of bandwidth used.
  1. If you would like to see analytics data for a specific event, click the Event Details link in the Events Summary table.
  2. If you would like to see bandwidth usage details for a different day, you can do so one of two ways:


  • Click the arrows on either side of the displayed date to move forward or backwards by one day.
  • Click on the displayed date to type a new date or search for it in the calendar that opens up after clicking on the date.

What Is Studio Usage?


In your daily bandwidth summary page, you may see an entry in your Events Summary table named Studio Usage. This is an indicator of how much bandwidth is used when viewing content inside Studio (e.g. when testing a broadcast). It is grouped into a single “event” to help you differentiate between data used by your organization versus that used by your actual viewers. This “event” has no analytical data associated with it.

As of releasing the Studio Usage filter, you may see it in your bandwidth data as far back as 4/26/2023, but it is not guaranteed. As of 5/10/2023, you will see your Studio Usage appear as a single value, rather than as multiple “events,” anytime you preview or test a broadcast in Studio.

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