Why is My Aspect Ratio Off?

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In some cases, a video's aspect ratio may not always match up with that of the video you are broadcasting. This can sometimes result in overlay text being cut off, pixelation, or colored borders at the edges of the video. More often than not, this is the result of one or more of your video processing devices overscanning or underscanning your signal.

How Can I Fix Overscan or Underscan in My Video?

Resi encoders do not apply overscan or underscan, but other components in your signal path can introduce them. You can check your signal path (Learn more) to determine which device is applying this setting by doing the following: 

  1. Plug your video recording device directly into the back of your encoder to check the signal.
  2. Add one piece of video equipment at a time back to your signal path.
  3. After you add a new device, check your broadcast until you see which device is responsible for applying the over or underscan.
  4. Refer to that device’s documentation in order to adjust the overscan and underscan settings.
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