Do I Need a Multi-WAN Router?

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The peripherals we describe in this article are recommended based on how well they have worked for other Resi customers and in tests conducted by our support staff. However, your specific organization’s recording setup and needs may not be compatible with these third-party devices. Resi cannot provide support for these products and recommends that you either contact your specific device’s manufacturer or one of our local resellers to inquire about signal integration services.

When your organization relies on consistent and stable broadcasts, you will want to take as many steps as necessary to ensure that your network is stable. While the stability of your network may not always be within your control, you may be able to use a dual or multi-WAN router to help provide an added layer of protection against network interruptions or outages. This can be an incredibly useful tool if you broadcast from an area with a limited or unstable broadband network, such as rural areas and those frequently affected by poor weather conditions. 

A multi-WAN router allows you to utilize two or more internet service providers through a single gateway. This means that you can utilize more than one network in order to provide a failover in case one goes down. In addition, it increases your overall bandwidth so that you can utilize other web services while ensuring that the quality of your video will not need to be compromised.

Multi-WAN routers can be used with all Resi encoders and decoders. Since these routers are designed to manage multiple internet connections through a single gateway, all you need to connect your Resi product is an ethernet cable to run from your router to the ethernet port on the back of your decoder or encoder. If your production environment has multiple devices that need a LAN connection, e.g. multiple encoders and a desktop computer, you will also need to purchase a networking switch or a multi-WAN router with multiple LAN ports. You can learn more about these in our list of recommended multi-WAN routers.

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