How Do I Add a Custom (RTMP) Destination to My Broadcast?

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RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) is one of the most commonly used standards for live video streaming. The ubiquity of this open-source technology and its ability to broadcast low-latency video have made it a live-streaming standard for many popular websites and applications (such as Subsplash, Vimeo, and Twitch). With Studio, you can create custom destinations for your broadcasts using RTMP.

Although Facebook is technically capable of using RTMP to live stream video, we highly recommend that you use the dedicated Facebook destination when broadcasting to their site. This option has been custom built to ensure that you have the most reliable broadcasting experience to your pages, groups, or timelines.

RTMP destinations are only available on the Starter Lite streaming plan and above. If you would like more information, you can contact

Add an RTMP Destination

In Studio, an RTMP destination works much like any other web broadcast destination. Before you can broadcast, you will need to create a custom (RTMP) destination.

Because of the wide variability in how certain platforms utilize RTMP, make sure you understand their platform requirements. For example, some platforms periodically change your account’s stream key to make your broadcast more secure, which means that you would have to periodically update this in Studio as well.

  1. Find the stream URL and stream key from your RTMP destination’s website.
  2. Navigate to Settings > RTMP in Studio.image2.png
  3. Click the + Add Destination button.
  4. Give your new destination a name.
  5. Copy and paste the stream URL and stream key into the appropriate fields.image1.png
  6. Click the Add Destination button.

Start or Schedule an RTMP Broadcast

Once you have added a custom RTMP destination to your Studio account, you can broadcast to that location just like you would any other web event. Just select the Custom (RTMP) option when you are adding your destination.

Broadcasting a live encoder event to a RTMP destination will require you to select a web preset. If you intend on broadcasting a replay event, you will need to select the web channel with your recorded content. For more information, you can read about how to manually start a web broadcast or how to use the schedule in Studio.


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