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This article covers common questions Resi users ask about invoicing and billing. 

What’s Included in My Plan?

In your Organization Details page, you are able to see what tiers of Multisite, Live, and Content Library you’re subscribed to. Each has an included features section which includes the details of each plan. Below that, the Current Add-Ons section gives you an in-depth view of your organization’s abilities with Resi.

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Under Subscriptions, you’ll see your subscription levels, start date, and included features. billing_faq_subscriptions.png
  3. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the Account Overview section.billing_faq_account_overview.png 

    This section includes:

    • Total Multisite venue licenses your organization has activated
    • Total software encoders (through ProPresenter) your organization has enabled
    • If your organization enabled 16 channels of audio
    • How much data your organization can use for web broadcasts
    • How many concurrent web licenses your organization has activated
    • How many hours of automated subtitles your organization has activated per month 

To learn more about your subscription details, see How Do I See My Subscription Details?

If you go over your bandwidth cap, you may incur an overage fee. 

What Additional Features Are Available 

Resi has additional features, for both Multisite and Live Streaming, available should you need them

Additional production venue licenses for decoder playback

You may need additional venue licenses if you have or are adding more than two production sites. If you are broadcasting to more than two physical locations, you can add additional licenses to do so. Contact your Customer Success Manager or to add licenses.

Our Overflow plan only allows for one production site. If you have that subscription plan and need more than one production license, you can look at other Multisite subscription plans or add a license.

Capturing 16 channels of audio

Capturing up to 8 channels of audio is included in any Resi subscription. You can also add up to a maximum of 16 channels of audio if you need. Contact your Customer Success Manager or to do so.  

Live Streaming-specific additional features

Resi offers several additional features that can enhance your audience's experience in addition to what's included in the base Live Streaming subscription price. To learn more about your current subscription and what's activated, see How Do I See My Subscription Details?

Contact your Customer Success Manager or to activate any additional features on your account.

  • Content Library. Resi’s archiving and storage tool is called the Content Library. With the Content Library, you’re able to indefinitely save your web broadcasts. Each will have its own unique embed code and stream URLs. To learn more, see Resi’s Content Library
  • Extra data. If you’re on the Enterprise Live Streaming plan (the highest tier), you can add data to your cap if needed for a monthly or yearly rate. Data can be added per terabyte.  
  • Automated Subtitles. Resi can automatically transcribe your speech to text and add them to the lower third of the web player. It increases accessibility for your viewers and can lead to a wider audience. To learn more, see our Automated Subtitles FAQ.
  • Additional software encoder licenses. If you need to run the software encoder through ProPresenter on more than one machine, you can purchase an additional software encoder license to do so. To learn more about Resi and ProPresenter, see our ProPresenter FAQ.
  • Additional web event licenses. To broadcast more than one web video simultaneously, you’ll need to add an additional web event license.
  • Data usage overages. If you exceed your data cap, you may receive an overage fee. 

How Can I Add Additional Features to My Plan?

If you need to add any of the additional features to your plan or have questions about your data overage charge, please contact your Customer Success Manager directly or our Success Team at

When Do You Send Invoices Out?

If you’re subscribed to a monthly Live Streaming and/or Multisite plan, invoices are sent out on the first of each month. 

If you have Resi’s Content Library or a legacy monthly plan, they may renew on the service start date instead of the first of the month. 

If you’re subscribed to an annual plan, the invoice will be sent whichever calendar date you began with Resi. 

Hardware purchases will be invoiced when you order. If you chose a payment plan for the hardware, it will begin the first of the month after your order. 

How do I see my latest invoice and payment history?

To see your latest invoice or payment history, contact Resi's billing team at or 800-875-0696 ext. 4.

How Does Annual Billing Work?

When you sign up for an annual contract, you are invoiced for the full year up front and can begin on your service start date. You can upgrade at any time if you need to move to a higher plan or add features. However, you cannot downgrade or cancel during the term. This includes any upgrades you may have made during the year.  

How Can I Make Payment?

When you order hardware or subscribe to one of our plans, our billing team will send an email which includes a link to pay through our payment portal. You can pay by credit card and ACH, including setting up automatic payments for recurring charges. 

We allow payment with a check in two circumstances:

  • Annual payments
  • Hardware orders

How Can I Request an Invoice?

If you would like to receive an invoice for your subscription plan before it is regularly sent to you, you can do so by reaching out to the Resi billing team at the following address:

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