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The peripherals we describe in this article are recommended based on how well they have worked for other Resi customers and in tests conducted by our support staff. However, your specific organization’s recording setup and needs may not be compatible with these third-party devices. Resi cannot provide support for these products and recommends that you either contact your specific device’s manufacturer or one of our local resellers too inquire about signal integration services.

Streaming kits are collections of peripherals that provide a simplified package for most of your broadcast needs. Streaming kits are available with integrations of Resi hardware either from Nomadic Design or Summit Integrated Systems.

A kit that uses a software encoder will require a computer that is running ProPresenter 7 with the Resi plugin installed and an available software encoder available in Studio. Both encoder integrations require a Resi web platform plan in order to operate with the Resi cloud. 

Setting up Your Streaming Kit

Your signal setup may vary depending on the complexity of the kit you purchase and its internal setup. Some may include a video switcher, but all of them include video and audio input ports, which are necessary to receive the audio and video signals. 

With each setup: 

  • Audio should be embedded into the video signal and sent to the encoder. 
  • The video signal must be configured and routed to the video input of your respective streaming kit's video input port. 
  • Audio must be configured and routed to the audio input ports.

Troubleshooting Your Streaming Kit

Resi Support will only be able to troubleshoot issues with your Resi encoder or the Resi platform, which may include offline encoders, upload issues, issues with scheduling or other web streaming.

For an offline hardware encoder:

  • Ensure that a properly configured network is connected to your streaming kit.
  • Make sure that you follow the encoder’s recommended power and connection protocols.

If you are experiencing issues with your streaming kit signal or routing, camera signals and settings, video switcher integration, reach out to your contact from Nomadic Design or Summit Integrated Systems for assistance.

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