Update Your Resi Plugin from ProPresenter

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Regularly updating your Resi plugin is important to ensure that ProPresenter will be able to broadcast events with Resi. Update the Resi software encoder plug from within ProPresenter.

Update From The Notification

  1. The Resi software encoder plugin is updated from within ProPresenter. If a new update is available when you open ProPresenter, it may prompt you with a notification upon opening.


  1. From this dialog, simply click the Install Now button to start the installation. The new plugin will download, install, and start. Once complete, you should see the new version installed in the encoder section of the Resi preferences within ProPresenter. The version number can also be found in the encoder details on Resi’s Studio webpage.


Check for an Update from ProPresenter

There may be occasions where the update notification does not come through, even though you see an update icon image1.png (e.g. if you leave the ProPresenter application open on a continually running machine). You can also check for updates by accessing the ProPresenter > Preferences > Resi menu. From here, you will one of two buttons:


  • Check for Update - Click this button to check if there is an update available for your Resi software encoder plugin. If an update is available, ProPresenter will ask if you want to update. If there is no update available, ProPresenter will tell you it's up-to-date.


  • Install Update - Click this button to download and install the new update for your Resi software encoder plugin.


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