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This article covers common questions Resi users ask when connecting Resi to ProPresenter. If you need further assistance than what we’re able to provide below, please contact our Technical Support Team.

Enable Crash and Analytics Reports

To help diagnose any issues you’re having with ProPresenter, please make sure your Share Crash Report and Share ProPresenter Analytics boxes are checked.

If you need help with ProPresenter itself, we recommend contacting Renewed Vision Support,  If you need help with delivery of content to the cloud or Studio, please contact our contact our Technical Support Team.

To access the settings in ProPresenter:

  1. Navigate to ProPresenter > Preferences > General. General_PP7.png
  2. Make sure Share Crash Report and Share ProPresenter Analytics are checked on.

Enabling those settings will provide reports to help our team and Renewed Vision better assist you.

Why does ProPresenter Say I Need an Additional License?

Each Resi subscription comes with one software encoder license, which you’ll use to encode with ProPresenter. If you need more than one machine to have access to encode and broadcast through ProPresenter, you’re going to need an additional license. If you run out of licenses, ProPresenter displays the following error message: “To enable this device, you will need to add an additional license.”

To do so, contact your Customer Success Manager or the Customer Success team at

What Version of ProPresenter Am I Running?

To access the version of ProPresenter you have running:

  1.  Navigate to ProPresenter > About ProPresenter.


  2. The version will be displayed in the modal that appears. image4.png

How Do I Update the Software Encoder?

  1. Click ProPresenterPreferencesResi.
  2. Under Encoder, click Check for Update. image7.png
  3. A modal will appear stating your encoder is up to date or if you need to update it.
  4. After updating the encoder if necessary, it’s ready to use.

You’ll be able to see it in the Studio encoders page. You'll also be able use the encoder to manually start encoding content and schedule events

Updating ProPresenter

To update the ProPresenter software, navigate to the ProPresenter menu > Check for Updates. A modal will pop up letting you know if you have the latest version or you need to update. 

How Do I Unregister the Resi ProPresenter Encoder?

If you’re looking to use a software encoder license on another machine or just free up a license, you’ll need to unregister one from a current machine. You can unregister through Studio or ProPresenter itself.

Make sure that all broadcasting from ProPresenter is stopped for both of these methods. 

Unregister from Studio

  1. Quit ProPresenter by clicking  ProPresenter > Quit ProPresenter.
  2. In Studio, navigate to Settings > Encoders.
  3. Click on the encoder you want to unregister.
  4. Click the actions icon Screen_Shot_2022-11-15_at_12.58.14_PM.png > RemoveScreen_Shot_2023-01-30_at_2.16.49_PM.png
  5. In the modal that appears, click Remove to confirm you want to remove the encoder. 
  6. The license will now be unregistered.

Unregister from ProPresenter

  1. In ProPresenter, navigate to ProPresenter > Preferences > Resi. Resi_PP7.png
  2. Click Unregister. image10.png
  3. Log in to Studio. image3.png

If you use the wrong credentials to log in or sign in to another organization’s account, you’ll need to close the window and try again.

  1. Click Unregister.
  2. The encoder will now be unregistered.

What Does It Mean When the Live Streaming Timer Is Green, Yellow, or Red?

When you’re broadcasting with ProPresenter, the live button in the top right will turn green, yellow, or red. This indicates the status of your stream. If it’s gray with no timer, your broadcast is inactive. Renewed Vision also has a tutorial for Setting up Resi Streaming in ProPresenter which explains the streaming timer status.

Green status

If the timer is green, your broadcast is running without interruption. 

Yellow status

If the timer is showing as yellow, it means that viewers are experiencing dropped frames. This occurs when a computer doesn’t have the resources to run video capturing software properly. The dropped frame(s) are on the user-side. It doesn’t affect the Resi software encoder nor delivery of content to the cloud. Your stream may still be active. 

This issue is usually resolved by allocating more resources by closing programs and non-essential software running in the background. If that doesn’t solve the dropped frame(s), please contact Renewed Vision Support.

Red status

If the timer is showing as red, an error has occurred and video capture has stopped completely. This could be due to your network connection dropping or if a computer is severely underpowered it cannot allocate resources to capture the video at all. 

Make sure your network connection is still active and allocate more resources by closing programs and non-essential software running in the background. If that doesn’t solve the error status, please contact Renewed Vision Support.

How Do I Learn to Use More Functions in ProPresenter?

ProPresenter is supported by Renewed Vision. There are several tutorial videos and guides on Renewed Vision’s website to help you get started and walk through how to do almost everything in its software. You can find them here: ProPresenter Tutorials

You can also access product manuals and tips on Renewed Vision’s website through ProPresenter itself. To access it, Navigate to Help > ProPresenter Help. PP7_help.png

Renewed Vision’s support page

For any issues that you can’t resolve with the above information or with ProPresenter, please contact Renewed Vision’s support team

Contact Resi support

For any issues with content delivery or Studio, please contact our Technical Support Team.

The Resi User Group on Facebook is a great place to connect and interact with other Resi users. You may be able to find additional help and information by posting your questions there. Please note, it is not monitored by Resi's support team and they will not answer inquiries on social media.

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