Encoder Troubleshooting

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What Do the Encoder Statuses Mean?

Below the encoder on the Dashboard and under the Status tab on the Encoders page you'll see your encoder's statuses:

  • Your encoder will show Offline when it's not powered on or cannot reach the Resi Cloud. This status will be denoted by a gray "offline" tag Screen_Shot_2022-10-11_at_11.46.36_AM.png.  If your encoder is showing offline when it should be online, see What Do I Do if My Encoder Says It's Offline? below.
  • Your encoder will show Starting... when either a scheduled event tells the encoder to start or you've manually started an event. It's getting ready to encode and store video or upload to the Resi Cloud. This status will be denoted by a green "starting..." tag Screen_Shot_2022-10-11_at_11.45.40_AM.png.
  •  Your encoder will show Started when it has begun encoding. Studio will have created an encoder video in your Encoder Videos tab. This status will be denoted by a green "started" tag Screen_Shot_2022-10-11_at_11.44.42_AM.png. The Stop button  Screen_Shot_2022-10-11_at_11.45.02_AM.png  will be next to the encoder if you need to stop it manually (Learn more).  
  • Your encoder will show Stopping... when either a scheduled event ends or you've manually stopped it. All destinations will be stopping and the encoder video will no longer be live. This status will be denoted by a dark gray "stopping..." tag Screen_Shot_2022-10-11_at_11.45.19_AM.png.
  • Your encoder will show Stopped when it's online, but not currently encoding or uploading to the Resi Cloud. This status will be denoted by a dark gray "stopped" tag Screen_Shot_2022-10-11_at_11.45.28_AM.png. The Start button Screen_Shot_2022-10-11_at_11.53.51_AM.png will be next to the encoder if you need to start it manually (Learn more). 

The encoders widget on the Dashboard only shows 5 encoders. If you have more than 5 encoders, navigate to the Encoders page to see them all. 

Why Did I Receive an Alert from My Encoder?

Upload issues

Upload notification emails are triggered when the encoder is having trouble uploading to the Resi cloud. This could be due to a local network outage, LAN traffic, router firewalls, or QOS monitoring. Check your network and firewall settings to make sure both follow our recommendations for configuring your network.

Signal loss

Signal loss notification emails are triggered when the encoder's video signal is interrupted, whether that be signal framerate changing, a mismatched encoder channel configuration, removal of physical connections, or video infrastructure being powered off. If this happens, make sure you do the following:

  1. Check your physical power and signal path connections on the devices being used.
  2. Make sure all of your network, recording, and encoding equipment is powered on.
  3. Check your encoder preset to make sure the format, framerate, and other settings match that of your video and audio feed.

If you still experience issues after rectifying any of these issues, contact Resi support.

Will I Receive Alerts When My Encoder is Offline?

Encoders must be online to send email alerts to your users designated to receive network alerts (e.g. an offline encoder not starting at a scheduled start time does not trigger an alert). However, you may receive email alerts if your encoder is not properly shut down. To avoid this, make sure your web event and encoder are completely stopped before turning it off.

One way to mitigate this from being an issue is to set alerts on your social media destinations when your videos go live. If you do not receive those notifications, you may want to check to ensure your encoder is properly plugged in and running.

What Do I Do if My Encoder Says It’s Offline?

There are a number of reasons why your encoder may say that it is offline. More often than not, it is caused by a network interruption or outage rather than it being an issue with the encoder itself.

Power cycle the encoder

You can power-cycle your encoder to see if that resolves the issue. If Studio shows that your encoder is offline even though your unit’s power and network lights are on, restart your encoder. To power-cycle the encoder:

  1. Power down your encoder.
  2. Unplug it from your power source.
  3. Hold down the power button for 20 seconds.
  4. Plug your unit in and turn it on again.

Try a different network

If power cycling the encoder doesn't cause your encoder to come online, connect the encoder to a different network to see if it shows online there. If it does, your network may be the cause of the issue and Resi recommends contacting your network administrator. 

Test the equipment

You can also check and see if your cable or other peripherals are causing the encoder to show offline. Disconnect the cable and other equipment from the encoder and connect them to another device. Check the network connection and see if the other device is online.

If the encoder still shows offline after power cycling, connecting to a different network, and testing the other equipment, Resi recommends contacting your network administrator. If they are unable to resolve your issue, you can try reaching out to Resi support.

Why Did My Encoder/Broadcast Stop During a Long Stream?

Resi Encoders that are started manually will cease encoding after 12 hours. Encoders that are started via schedule can be scheduled at a maximum of 11 hours and 55 minutes.

How Do I Correctly Sync Dual-Channel Video?

A variety of factors may affect the synchronization of two video signals that come into a dual-channel Server-grade encoder. The most common problem is differing signal paths between your video signals. For example, if video input #1 is sourced from a production switcher and video input #2 is sourced directly from a camera, video input #1 may appear slightly behind video input #2 because of a processing delay that is introduced by the switcher.

If your video fields appear out of sync as seen on a decoder, you may utilize your encoder preset’s “offset” option to adjust the sync between the two fields. Editing the encoder preset does not automatically apply the offset. Your encoder should be stopped, restarted, and tested after each configuration change. Proper sync can be achieved by pointing both cameras at a single video screen displaying a clock with milliseconds. Continue editing the offset option until your videos appear to be in sync.

What Happens If My Encoder Experiences a Network Interruption?

  • If your encoder goes offline before showing the stopped status in Studio, the resulting broadcast may be left in a bad state (stuck running). You can manually stop the broadcast so it can be viewed properly on the web (up until the point that connection was lost). 
  • If the network connection is lost and regained, the encoder will continue uploading where it left off and attempt to catch up. If the interruption is short enough, the end viewer will experience no buffering. If the outage is longer than 90 seconds but less than about 5 minutes, viewers may experience buffering but this should be resolved once the connection returns and the encoder catches back up. 
  • If the outage is sustained (5 minutes or longer) viewers on all destinations will be buffering, and social media destinations may abort due to a lack of continuous video.

The Resi User Group on Facebook is a great place to connect and interact with other Resi users. You may be able to find additional help and information by posting your questions there. Please note, it is not monitored by Resi's support team and they will not answer inquiries on social media.

Why Am I Seeing "No Input Detected?"

If your encoder is not receiving a video and audio signal, a "No Input Detected" error appears beneath the encoder name in your Dashboard or Encoders page. 


In most cases, "No Input Detected" means that the signal is being interrupted at a point in your hardware configuration from camera to encoder. It could be anything from a faulty cable, a switcher malfunctioning, or even something as simple as a cable not being plugged in properly. Resi recommends disconnecting and reconnecting your signal path piece-by-piece, testing the signal at each step by manually starting the encoder and checking the corresponding encoder video. When you see the error appear, you'll know which part of your signal path is causing the error. Please note, Resi's support team is unable to troubleshoot signal path.

Resi is aware of a bug that's causing the encoder to show "No Input Detected" even if it's receiving a signal. You can test this by manually starting your encoder and checking the encoder video for video and audio playback. Resi is working on resolving the bug.

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