Can I Adjust My Event Duration on the Fly?

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Depending on how your event is configured, you may be able to change its end time while it is broadcasting. 

You can change the duration for any event that uses the default end time for your scheduled event (i.e. does not use an offset to end a broadcast to a destination before the encoder schedule is set to end), as long as it does not overlap another scheduled event. 

Once your encoder has started capturing content, you cannot change the duration of broadcasts to destinations that are configured to start and stop using offsets.

This is because when an event starts, Studio tells the destination to end the broadcast either 

  • When the encoder stops sending a signal (if using the default end time for an event), or 
  • At a set time (if using offsets)

If you want to manually stop an event across all destinations, you can do so by manually stopping your encoder. Learn more

Change Event Duration on the Fly

  1. Navigate to the Schedule page in Studio.
  2. Click the event that’s currently running.  Screen_Shot_2023-01-24_at_2.59.46_PM.png
  3. Navigate to the Details tab.
  4. Click the edit icon image1.pngScreen_Shot_2023-01-24_at_3.00.15_PM.png
  5. Change the duration to how long you want the event to run.  Screen_Shot_2023-01-24_at_3.00.49_PM.png
  6. Click Save.

The event will now run until the new time you’ve set. For example, in the event above, it’ll run until 4:00 PM.

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