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If you already use Subsplash to host your webpage, you can add a Resi Stream URL (HLS) to stream your events using Resi's reliable RSP and cloud infrastructure. Using the Subsplash platform with Resi requires stream URLs, which you will need to make sure are available to you within your plan. If you would like to learn more, you can read our articles on how to activate and find your stream URLs.

Set up a Media Item within Subplash

Once you have found and copied your HLS URL:

  1. Navigate to your Subsplash Dashboard Media Library page and locate or create the media item of your choice.
  2. Scroll down to the Video section and click to enter a URL.
  3. Select Link to a Video Stream.
  4. Paste your HLS link into the Stream URL (.m3u8) field. 
  5. Click Set URL.
  6. Click Save and Publish.

Timing With Subsplash

Make sure your event in Subsplash is scheduled to go live at the same time as your event in Studio.

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