Use RossTalk with a Resi Decoder

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RossTalk is a plain text based protocol that allows Resi’s decoders to communicate with external devices, such as a video switcher or a computer running ProPresenter 7.

Resi decoders can accept a maximum of two Rosstalk connections.

Enable RossTalk on Your Decoder

In order to send RossTalk commands, you will need to enable this feature through your decoder’s settings. 

  1. Log in to your decoder.
  2. In the decoder user interface, click Settings > General
  3. Click the toggle under RossTalk to enable it for your decoder.


Once you have enabled Rosstalk on your decoder, you can then connect it to the device or program that you intend to control your equipment. In order to do this, you will need to consult your device or program’s documentation. However, it will typically require you to connect to the default RossTalk port, which is 7788.

Available RossTalk Commands

Resi’s decoders have a set of commands that can be configured to any device that is compatible with RossTalk. In addition to this, there are also custom commands that can be used with Ross Video’s Streamdeck controller and XPression real-time graphics system.

Since the methods for configuring each device are different, you should read through the documentation that comes with the external device or program with which you would like to control your decoder. For more generic information on RossTalk you can read these articles on the Ross website. or Renewed Vision websites.


Custom Controls



“cc play”


“cc pause”


“cc PAFFB”

Play and fade from black

“cc FTBAP”

Fade to black and pause

“cc FFB”

Fade from black

“cc FTB”

Fade to black

Streamdeck Via Bitfocus Companion



(Decoder name) Play


(Decoder name) Pause


Xpression Server







Send RossTalk Commands with ProPresenter 7

One way to send remote commands via RossTalk to your Resi decoder is through the ProPresenter 7 device and communication preferences. In order to do this, you will need to make sure you have added and connected your decoder to ProPresenter through their preferences window, as described in their article on enabling RossTalk.

If you would like more information outside what is available in this article, you can read ProPresenter 7’s documentation on preferences for Devices and the Communication section.

RossTalk with ProPresenter 7 currently only works on Apple computers.

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