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Web presets define video and audio channel settings used for transcoding content from an encoder video to a web video. When you set up a web destination broadcast, you must select a web preset for that broadcast to use. You can create web presets based on your specific needs for a destination or based on the encoder preset you use for live broadcasts.


Create a New Web Preset

  1. Go to Settings > Web Presets in Studio.
  2. Click the Add Web Preset button in the top corner of the page.Screen_Shot_2023-01-27_at_3.06.14_PM.png
  3. Adjust the settings for your web preset as follows:
    • Web Preset Name - Enter a useful name for your preset, such as “Social Media Only,” or the name of the website you intend on streaming to.
    • Encoder Video Channel - Select the video channel you would like to pull your feed from. You should only choose “Ch2” if your event uses dual-channel video, and you want to show your audience the 2nd video channel (which displays on the right-hand side in the decoder preview).
    • Audio Channels (Left and Right) - Select up to two audio channels you would like to use for your left and right audio feed.
    • Deinterlace to Progressive -  If an encoder preset is configured to output interlaced content you must enable this option on your web preset in order to convert the video to progressive. Otherwise, your video may not be supported on all web destinations.Screen_Shot_2023-01-27_at_3.06.38_PM.png
  4. Click the Add button.

Edit a Web Preset

Editing a web preset that is used in a recurring schedule will result in those changes being applied to all of your proceeding events in that schedule. If you only want to make changes for a single event in a recurring schedule, make sure you undo them after your event is done.

  1. Go to Settings > Web Presets.
  2. Click the web preset you want to edit.
  3. Click the edit iconScreen_Shot_2022-09-20_at_2.23.40_PM.png.
  4. Adjust the settings for your web preset as necessary.
  5. Click Save.

Remove a Web Preset

Deleting a web preset that is used in an existing event or recurring schedule will result in the default preset being used instead. Make sure you know which events will be affected once the removal is final and make any necessary changes before the start of your event.

  1. Go to Settings > Web Presets.
  2. Click the actions icon image2.png next to the preset you would like to edit.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Remove.
  4. Click Remove on the modal that appears.
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