Stream to The Church Online Platform (ChOP)

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Church Online Platform is a free (for churches) service that supports chat between event viewers and hosts, as well as other features to promote engagement with event viewers.

With Resi, you can integrate your broadcast into a Church Online Platform page and make use of their engagement tools alongside Resi’s resilient broadcast. For best results, you will need a Resi web plan that includes the use of an embed code.

To get started, you must create an account for Church Online Platform. Learn more about the Church Online Platform

Set up an Event through Church Online Platform

You may use these instructions if you're setting up a test or starting a live stream.

  1. Head to your Church Online Platform webpage and sign in.
  2. Click Go to Admin in the upper left corner under your organization name.
  3. Head to the Services tab.
  4. You can then locate, create or edit a service to be used for your live stream.If you do not have a service, either change your calendar view preferences or click Add Service Time to create a new service date and time. Set this for the future to be able to add content to it.
  5. Click the Add Content button or Edit Content button.
  6. Edit the title of your event if necessary.
  7. Set an event duration - This should be shorter than your web event length (as defined by your scheduled web event or the duration of your replay event.) For more on service timing in ChOP, visit their documentation.
  8. Configure your chat settings
  9. Navigate to the video settings and select the embed code option.
  10. Paste your web channel embed code into the empty text field. (Learn more)
  11. You may change the start video before setting. This should be no earlier than your event start time. 

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