Change Your Library Region Settings

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The default data center Resi uses to broadcast is based in North America. If your viewers are outside North America, changing to a data center closer to them can improve their streaming experience. You can do this at the organization level for all of the videos you upload. If you’re broadcasting an individual video to an audience in a different region, you can also select a different regional data center for that specific video when you upload it.

For more on uploading videos, see Upload a Video to the Library.

In most cases, the Resi default settings provide the best streaming experience for your audience. If you change to a regional data center that’s farther from your viewers, it will negatively impact their experience. 

Change Your Data Center Location for Uploads

      1. Click Settings. (Go there)
      2. Navigate to the Library Settings tab.
      3. Click the edit icon image1.png.
      4. Find the regional data center closest to your audience from the dropdown menu. image3.png
      5. Click Save.

If you’re unsure of the closest regional data center to you, click Find Nearest Data Center and Resi will locate it for you.

Change Regional Settings for Individual Videos

      1. Navigate to the Library.
      2. Click Save Video. (Go there).
      3. Click Upload.
      4. Drag and drop the video to the popup or click browse to find it on your computer.
      5. If your video meets the file requirements, you’ll see a green checkmark. For more on uploading and file requirements, see Upload a Video to the Library. Click Continue. image2.png
      6. Give the video a title.
      7. Configure air date and air time, which is the original air date. This doesn’t schedule an event.
      8. Click the toggle icon image4.png next to Advanced Settings and choose the correct region from the dropdown menu.image3.png
      1. Click Save.

Your video will upload with the regional data center you selected. Future uploads will still use the regional data center associated with the organization unless you change it individually. 

You cannot change the regional data center for an individual video once it’s uploaded. If you need to use a different regional data center, you’ll need to reupload the video and manually change it. 

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