Manually Start or Stop a Web Video

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In Studio, you can manually start a web video by creating one from an encoder video which will allow you to broadcast it to your viewers through social media and embed options.  If your event ends early, you can also manually stop the web event so the broadcast ends for your viewers. 

Manually Start a Web Video From an Encoder Video

You can create a web video from any encoder video in your Encoder Videos tab, including live and completed events. When you manually start your encoder or schedule an event and that time comes, Studio will create an encoder video which is stored in a specific encoder channel and will appear in this tab. 

To learn more about encoder channels, see Create a New Encoder Channel. To learn more about manually starting your encoder, see Manually Start or Stop an Encoder.

  1. Navigate to Library > Encoder Videos.
  2. Hover over the encoder video you want to create a web video from and click the options icon image2.png > Start a Web Video. image5.png
  3. Give the web video a name.
  4. Select the web channel it will be stored in and the web preset. image7.png

Web channels store your content temporarily. To learn more about storage length and changing how long your content is stored, see Change How Long Content Is Stored in Channels. Web presets tell your encoder which audio channels to pull from.  

  1. Select the start and stop positions for the web video. If you created  cues to section the event, select them from the dropdown menus. If you want the entire event, leave Beginning of Encoder Video and End of Encoder video as the start and stop positions. image1.png

To learn more about creating, editing, and managing cues, see Add Cues to a Video.

  1. Choose the playout behavior for the web player. image4.png
  • Realtime playout means your viewers will only be able to scrub forward to what’s showing as live and back to the start of the event. 
  • Faster than realtime (ASAP), video active immediately pushes the entire video out and viewers will be able to scrub back and forth through its entirety. 
  • Faster than realtime (ASAP), use for next scheduled sim-live sets aside the video for the next replay event but doesn’t make the content active on the associated web channel until it actually broadcasts. 
  1. If you want to broadcast to social media, click Add Social Destination to select YouTube and/or Facebook. You will have to configure them individually. image8.png
  2. Click Start.
  3. The web video will start and show as the most recent video in the Web Videos tab. image6.png

Manually Stop a Web Video From the Library

  1. Navigate to Library > Web Videos
  2. Hover over the web video you want to stop and click the options icon image2.png> Stop. image3.png
  1. Studio will bring up a modal asking you to confirm you want to stop this event. Click Stop. image9.png
  2. Your web video will now be stopped, denoted by the orange “stopped” tag. image10.png

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