How Do I See My Subscription Details?

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Your current subscription details as well as general information about what’s included in your Resi subscription are in the Organization Details page in Studio.

If you’re a current Resi customer, you can make changes to your subscription by contacting your customer success manager.


Subscribed Products

This section displays the subscription level your organization has for each of Resi’s products as well as subscription start date, billing frequency, and a summary of what is included in each of your subscription tiers.

  • Subscription Level - A colored label displays your subscription tier. If you don’t have a subscription to a specific product, the page will display “None.”
  • Start Date - The date your Resi subscription began. 
  • Billing Frequency - The frequency, whether monthly or yearly, that you will be billed for your Resi subscription.
  • Included Features - Displays a summary of what is included in your subscription tier per specific product.

Current Add-ons

This section displays the subscription add-ons that are active for your account. It lists any licenses or features available above what is included in your product subscriptions listed in the previous section.

  • Venue Licenses - The number of additional venue licenses available to your organization.
  • Software Encoders - The number of software encoders you can have associated with your organization.
  • 16 Channel Audio - Displays whether 16 channel audio is available for your broadcasts.
  • Monthly Streaming Data - Displays the total data allowance included in your subscription.
  • Concurrent Web Broadcasts - The total number of broadcasts you can stream at the same time.
  • Automated Subtitles - Displays how many hours of automated subtitles per month you’ve added to your subscription.
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