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Studio provides access to detailed information about the status of your encoder. You can use this information when setting up a new encoder preset, or when working with Resi support to troubleshoot encoder signal issues.  

  1. In Studio, navigate to Settings > Encoders
  2. Click the encoder you want to see details for.

The encoder details page will display different information depending on whether you’ve selected a hardware or software encoder. You can make changes to some of your encoder details by clicking the edit icon studio_edit_icon.png to the right of the encoder name.

Encoder Details

This section displays information about your encoder and the signal it is receiving.

  • Encoder name - Displays the name you’ve provided for your encoder.
  • Input source - This specifies whether your video and audio input is coming through SDI or HDMI. (HDMI input is only available on some encoders.)
  • Serial number - Your encoder's serial number.
  • Version - Your encoder’s firmware version. (If an update is available it will be indicated by the update icon studio_encoder_update_icon.png beside the encoder name.) 
  • Detected Input on Card - This field shows details about the video input format your encoder most recently received. The field doesn't report the input format while your encoder is on and encoding content. It will update once the encoder stops. You may need to refresh the browser page to see the most recent input format.
  • Encoder preset - The encoder preset last used when capturing content.

Network Information

This section displays information about your encoder’s connection to your network. Most network management tasks will be handled through your network’s router.

  • IP Address (DCHP) - Displays the IP address assigned to your encoder. 
  • MAC Address - Displays the MAC address assigned to your encoder.
  • Peak Cloud Upload - When an encoder is started, this displays the peak upload bandwidth used within the last 30 seconds.


CPU Sensors provide detailed information about the status of your encoder. Typically, you’ll only use this information when troubleshooting an issue with your encoder.

  • CPU Temperature - Displays either Normal, High, or Critical. Please contact Resi support if your encoder shows a high or critical temperature, and your encoder is in a cool and dry envirement, This may indicate a hardware problem and continued use may result in damage to your encoder.
  • Temperature Sensor - Provides detailed information about your encoder temperature.
  • CPU Sensors - Provides technical data about the performance of your encoder. 
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