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Important Update

We believe Facebook recently made an undocumented change to how far behind real-time (wall-clock time) a stream is before it is available for viewers to watch. This change adjusted the delay and quality from “Normal” to “Low”. This change allows Facebook to process more videos at a time but lowers the quality that viewers see and that Facebook can accept. This change also caused a video processing issue that can result in video buffering for audiences watching on Facebook.

To complicate this issue, Facebook provides no method for changing this delay and quality setting using their API. We are working with Facebook’s support team to either get this setting changed back to Normal or to have this configuration added to their streaming API so that this issue can be resolved.


While we are waiting for changes to be made via Facebook, our team is doing everything we can to reduce the impact of this issue on our end. During our troubleshooting, we have found implementing three changes to encoder profiles mitigates this issue:

  • Sending 720p to Facebook instead of 1080p will reduce the bitrate and processing required on Facebook’s end. This change will be implemented automatically by our development team for all customers currently sending 1080p to Facebook. No action is necessary on your part, but your resolution to Facebook will be reduced from 1080p down to 720p (your streams to other platforms will pass through the resolution you have chosen to output).
  • Reducing the video segment duration down to approximately 2 seconds enables Facebook to process smaller and fewer segments at a time and reduces buffering. There are trade-offs to using smaller segment durations, one of which is a slight reduction in quality across all of your destinations.
  • If your native framerate is 29.97 or 59.94, changing the encoder profile to output 30 or 60fps may reduce Facebook’s processing delay (and thus reduce their buffering problem).

Next Steps:

If you are experiencing this issue, please send an email to the Support team ( asking them to “Help with Facebook Buffering,” and they can enable these changes for your live events temporarily until this issue is resolved by Facebook.

While the impact to Facebook audiences is unfortunately out of our control, you may consider temporarily directing customers to YouTube and/or to watch on your website (or a free website hosted by the Church Online Platform) with a Resi embed code, which will not have this issue.

We encourage you to submit feedback to Facebook to address this issue. To submit feedback, log in to your Facebook account and click the caret in the top right, and select Give Feedback > Something went wrong. Where it says Choose an area, select Live. We have provided some example language below.

My live streams to Facebook have often been experiencing buffering issues with the “Waiting for Live Video Signal” error message. This issue appears when streaming from Facebook’s own in-browser streaming option, as well as when streaming through any third-party service which does not utilize persistent stream keys. After investigation, I believe that this behavior is due to a recent change to Facebook’s “Stream Latency” setting and happens when low latency mode is on. The issue is not present when streaming from a persistent stream key, as low latency mode is turned off. This issue is inhibiting my ability to stream on Facebook and I have to direct my viewers to other platforms for a smooth streaming experience.

Troubleshoot Issues with Facebook

Here’s how to troubleshoot some of the most common errors Resi users encounter when streaming to Facebook.

Facebook has been known to occasionally send out inaccurate streaming health reports. In most cases, if there is no noticeable drop in your broadcast’s quality, you can ignore these reports. If there is any noticeable buffering or change in broadcast quality, ensure your network and physical connections are secure, as described in our articles on Add a Hardware Encoder and Add a Decoder (if streaming to a multi-site venue). If the problem persists, contact Resi support.

Transcoder Error

Pause and Restart Your Event

  1. Navigate to the Schedule page. (Go there)
  2. Click your event.
  3. In the event details page, click the edit icon Edit_icon.png
  4. In the Schedule section, toggle Pause Event on.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Toggle Pause Event back to off.
  7. Click Save.

If this does not correct after reboot, contact Resi Support at

Partner Errors when sending to a Facebook Page

Confirm you are an admin of the Facebook Page

  1. Sign in to Facebook with the account that you are using in Studio.
  2. View your Facebook Page.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Page Roles.

Facebook will display the page role permissions for the account with which you are signed in. If your account does not have Admin permission, you must either:

  • Assign Admin permissions to your Facebook account, or
  • Connect Resi to Facebook using a different account that does have Admin permissions.

If these do not resolve the error, you may need to reinstall the Resi integration.

Reinstall the Resi Integration

If your Facebook account has the proper page role, you may have not authorized the account through the Resi Business Integration and must reconfirm permissions by removing the Resi Business Integration and adding it again from Studio.

Remove the integration from Facebook

  1. Sign in to Facebook.
  2. Click Account in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Settings & Privacy.  
  4. Click Settings
  5. Click Business Integrations in the left navigation menu.
  6. Remove the Resi integration by clicking View > Edit, scroll down and click Remove
  7. Click Confirm. (Do not remove all content posted by Resi unless you’re sure you want to.) 

Reinstall the integration in Studio

  1. In Studio, navigate to Settings > Social Media.
  2. Click the Options icon beside your Facebook account integration.
  3. Select Grant Access.
  4. Click Continue as [Account Admin], or log in with your Facebook credentials.
  5. In the Timeline permissions modal that appears, ensure Public is recommended, then click OK. [Note: Even if you do not intend to stream to your timeline, Timeline must be enabled for streaming to Groups and Pages.]
  6. In the next modal that appears, click OK.

You may click Choose what you allow to refine which Pages or Groups appear within Resi as options for Facebook Destinations. Generally, Resi recommends that you skip this section by clicking OK. This will eliminate the chance of accidentally removing vital permissions to be able to stream to a Group or Page. Otherwise, you may select specific Groups or Pages here by toggling which pages can receive content from Resi.

If these steps do not resolve a partner error when attempting to stream to a Facebook page, you may not be authorized to live stream at this time due to too many streams in a 24 hour period or another reason. Please contact Resi Support.

Partner Errors when sending to a Facebook Group

If the Facebook account associated with Resi is not an admin of the Facebook group, you may not be able to use Resi to stream to the group. In Facebook, group admins determine who can post within the group and if post approval is required.

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this error.

Determine if you are an admin of the Facebook group

  1. Sign in to Facebook.
  2. Navigate to the Facebook group in question. 
  3. If you are able to view the menu on the left hand side and click the Settings option, you are an Admin. 

If you’re not an admin of the Facebook group

If you’re not an admin of the Facebook group but you still want to use your Facebook account with Resi, a group admin will need to adjust the group settings.

  1. In the Facebook group, navigate to Settings > Manage Discussions
  2. Adjust the group settings to permit your Facebook account to post to the group.
  • Who Can Post - The role(s) selected should include the role of the Facebook account you’re using in Studio.
  • Approve All Member Posts - This should be off. Turning this on may result in the post with your stream not being visible to all group members.

If your account has the correct permissions, but you’re still seeing a partner error

You may need to add the Resi App to your Facebook group settings (a group admin must perform these actions).

  1. Sign in to Facebook.
  2. Navigate to the Facebook group in question.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Under the Apps section, click the edit icon Edit_icon.png.
  5. Click Add Apps.
  6. Under Group Apps in the left menu, search for Resi.
  7. Select the Resi app, then click Add.

Once you’ve confirmed your Facebook account has the proper permissions and ensured that the Resi app has been added to your group, you should pause and restart your event. 

  1. Navigate to the Schedule page. (Go there)
  2. Click your event.
  3. In the event details page, click the edit icon Edit_icon.png
  4. In the Schedule section, toggle Pause Event on.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Toggle Pause Event back to off.
  7. Click Save.

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