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To broadcast to over-the-top (OTT) apps and some third party website hosting platforms, you’ll need stream URLs. Stream URLs are available with a Professional or Enterprise Live Streaming subscription. We include both DASH and HLS formats. Activate them on web channels and they’ll appear for you to paste in your app or website. For more information on Live Streaming subscriptions, please contact us.

How do I Activate Stream URLs?

  1. In Studio, click Settings.
  2. Under Web Settings, navigate to Web Channels.
  3. Click the web channel for which you want to activate Stream URLs.
  4. Click the edit icon image4.png.
  5. Under Additional Options, click the toggle image5.png next to Stream URLs to activate them. Screenshot_2023-03-21_at_1.42.57_PM.png
  6. Click Save.

Stream URLs are now enabled for that web channel. To enable them on other web channels, repeat steps 3-6 for each. You can also activate stream URLs when creating new web channels. 

Find Stream URLs and Copy Them

  1. Navigate to Settings > Web Channels.
  2. Click the web channel you’ve toggled Stream URLs on for.
  3. Click the share icon Screenshot_2023-03-21_at_1.38.26_PM.png
  4. In the modal that appears, click Stream URLs. Both DASH and HLS formats are available.  Screenshot_2023-03-21_at_1.37.07_PM.png
  5. To copy a link to the clipboard, click the copy icon image8.jpg

Paste the link into your OTT app or hosting platform and the Resi player with the web channel’s content will appear there.

Like embed codes, Stream URLs are persistent and stream the most recent content or what’s currently streaming. New content will override what’s on the embed code or Stream URL. If you want to keep specific content active for the duration of the web channel’s delete-after time, we recommend creating another web channel for the new content. Learn more

How can I Test Stream URLs?

To make sure your Stream URLs are working, test them by scheduling a web event to begin in the near future and checking the content on your app or hosting platform.

  1. Paste your Stream URL into your app or website.
  2. In Studio, Click Schedule
  3. Schedule an event for 5-10 minutes from the current time. Learn more
  4. Two minutes after your web video starts, check your app or website for the player and your content. Web videos are on a two-minute delay. 

How do I Turn Off Stream URLs?

If you choose to not use stream URLs, you can leave them toggled on just and remove the URLs from wherever you’ve pasted them. If you’d like them to disappear completely, toggle stream URLs off in each web channel you want to remove them from.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Navigate to Web Channels.
  3. Click the web channel you’re removing stream URLs from.
  4. Under additional options, click the toggle image2.png next to Stream URLs to turn them off. Screenshot_2023-03-21_at_1.43.40_PM.png
  5. Click Save.

The stream URLs will disappear for that web channel. To deactivate them for other web channels, repeat steps 3-6 for each.

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