What Is a Decoder?

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A decoder is a device used at a remote location for receiving and displaying video content that has been encoded, compressed, and saved by an encoder. Decoders access the saved video content from the cloud and send it to whatever output device you have connected. Resi’s decoders also offer a number of tools that can be utilized to give you more control over how your content is shown. This includes adding a text overlay, fade-to-black, and the ability to use cues.

Resi’s decoders are also designed to mitigate streaming interruptions and buffering, even when connected to an unreliable network, through the resilient streaming protocol (RSP) used by our encoders. You can learn more about the models of decoders we have by reading our decoder product page.

What Do I Need to Use a Decoder?

Once your remote host site is set up with an encoder, a receiving venue can be set up with a decoder for playback at a separate physical location. You will need a few additional items in order to use your decoder, either for production or monitoring:

  • A computer monitor
  • An HDMI, DVI, or Display port cable
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • An available production or non-production venue license

Note: This does not include any equipment you will need in order to display your event. Your decoder comes with two different display cards that you can run up to two output channels through HDMI or SDI. If you intend on displaying your event on a projector, or any other display that does not have audio output, you will also need an audio de-embedder to run audio through an audio board.

How Do Decoders Work in Studio?

When you purchase a multisite plan and equipment, your plan will come with a production (for audience-facing broadcast feed)  and non-production (for monitoring the feed on the host site) venue license. This license enables the receiving venue to log in to the decoder and display video content stored in the encoder channel(s) that the venue has permission to access. Learn more about managing your events on a decoder.

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