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Altar Live is an online live stream player and video conference platform designed for faith communities to host interactive and engaging events and services. You can easily connect your pre-recorded or live stream feed from Resi to Altar Live.

Altar Live's free tier allows you to connect your video feed and offer participants the ability to engage with chat. The paid tier includes video conference features that allow people to experience the event togethe with watch parties and move between virtual tables together.

To learn more about Altar Live, go here.

Before You Get Started

Use of the Altar Live platform requires use of stream URLs. Before you begin, make sure stream URLs are available with your current subscription.

Learn how to find stream URLs in Studio.

Set up a Stream within Altar Live 

  1. Set up and sign in to your Altar Live account.
  2. Head to the Events & Meetings tab.
  3. Add a new event. You may edit any future event if you have events already set up.
  4. Select a start time and end time within your Altar Live Event. Refer to the timing section below for proper timing settings.
  5. Complete the additional required fields until you reach the Stream section.
  6. Within the Stream selection, choose Resi as the stream provider.
  7. Paste in a Stream URL, DASH and HLS both work here but provide slightly different behaviors.
    • A DASH URL doesn't allow viewers to rewind, but only play and pause. Refreshing pushes the viewer to a live position.
    • A HLS URL allows users to seek backwards, forwards, or play and pause. 
  8. Publish your event.
  9. From the Events & Meetings tab, you can see past and future meetings and update any other event.

Timing within Altar Live 

Once an event is published, you can join an Altar Live event at any time when you click on the event URL. Before an event goes live, people will see the countdown timer and any pre-events slides that have been added.

Start Time

The live stream feed will begin at the event start time that is specified when you create the event in Atlar Live. The start time should not be before your event is set to begin in the Resi interface. You may manually override the start time and start the event early within the altar live event by clicking the Go Live button.

End Time

The event will not automatically end at the specified end time. The event will stay active until a host clicks End Event for All. However, you will schedule a stop of the live stream in Resi. Once the live stream stops streaming from Resi, or at any time that you wish, you can move people to the lobby or choose to end the event for everyone. Your live stream from Resi will stop playing approximately 90 seconds after your scheduled stop from your Resi Schedule.

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