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Brushfire is an event streaming platform that hosts content within channels and allows users to configure times for which those channels are available. 

Set up Content within Brushfire

For assistance when setting up Brushfire, view their help portal here.

  1. Set up an account with Brushfire and sign in.
  2. Create a channel or select an existing channel.
  3. Add content by clicking the plus button [ + ] in the upper right corner.
  4. Choose Live Content for a future or scheduled live event.
  5. Complete the Details and Access sections with how you would like it set up or based on Brushfire recommendations.
  6. Within the Video section, select Resi as the video provider.
  7. Paste the embed ID of your web channel. You can find the embed ID by clicking the share icon Screenshot_2023-03-21_at_1.38.26_PM.png in your web channel details page.  Screenshot_2023-03-21_at_1.36.10_PM.png  
  8. Choose a Start Time and a Duration for your content to be available to view. You may set the duration to match the duration of your scheduled event. The End Time should be two minutes after your web video's Scheduled end time.
  9. Choose a Stream Pre-Play time setting. Refer to the timing section below for more information.
  10. Complete the rest of your content sections.
  11. Save your content from the interactions section.

Alternate setup: Choose On-demand after creating new Content to post a previously live web video using the unique web video Embed Code.

Timing within Brushfire

Use the Stream Pre-Play setting to allow viewers to enter and watch your web video prior to the listed start time. When combined, these times should not generate a time prior to your web video start time in Studio.

For timing a live event: If your Brushfire event start time is set to 5 pm, and your live web video schedule is set to start at 4:55 pm, do not exceed a stream pre-play time of 3 minutes. Your web video available to watch time and your event start time should match at 4:57 pm.

For timing a replay: If your Brushfire event start time indicates 5 pm, and your replay is set to start at 4:55 pm, do not exceed a stream pre-play time of 4 minutes. Your event start time and your stream start time should match at 4:56 pm.

Access through Brushfire

You may set up a specific viewing time for your channel and all content within that channel. To edit this access, view your channel, and enter the Access tab, you may set visibility and availability to make a channel private or choose times when a channel is not accessible. Channels which are not set to always be available will never be able to show Resi content outside of the specified time.

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