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Studio introduces a more powerful and intuitive interface to manage your streaming through Resi. This article discusses some of the key workflows that have changed in the move from Control to Studio

How Do I Add a Contact?

In Studio, contacts and users have been combined into users. Instead of creating a contact (as in Control), in Studio you can set users to receive certain types of notifications. (The roles assigned to a user define what level of access that user has to different areas of your Resi account.)

    • Billing contacts receive billing-related notifications from Resi, and may be contacted by Resi about issues related to your organization’s account and/or subscription. (An organization may have up to six billing contacts.)
    • Network alerts will enable email alerts when your stream experiences connection issues.
    • Primary contacts are notified for all issues that relate to their Resi account and organization. This may include notifications outside of billing and network alerts.

Update an Existing User to Receive Notifications

  1. In Studio, click Settings > Users & Permissions.
  2. Click the name of the user whose notifications you would like to update.
  3. Click the edit icon studio_edit_icon.png.
  4. Click the appropriate checkboxes under Points of Contact and Notifications.

Add a New User and Configure Notifications

  1. In Studio, click Settings > Users & Permissions.
  2. Click the Invite User button in the upper right corner of the page. The invitation modal includes three steps where you can provide the user’s information, grant permissions, and define notification types.
  3. First, enter the appropriate user information such as name, phone, and email.
  4. Under Point of Contact, select the type of contact you would like this person to be, if you would like to do so.
  5. Before you finish, you will need to select the roles and permissions you would like this user to have.
  6. Under Notifications select Network Alerts to send the user information about stream interruptions.
  7. Click Send Invite.

Notifications will not be sent to a newly invited user until they accept the invitation.

How Do I Allow Someone to Review an Event Video?

In Studio, users can be granted video review permissions. This grants them read-only access to scheduling, analytics, and library in Studio. 

To grant video review access to a user, 

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Users & Permissions page in Studio.
  2. Click the options icon beside that user and select Edit.
  3. Select the Permissions tab at the top page.
  4. Check the box next to Video Review.
  5. Click Save.

You can learn more about the video review role here.

How Do I Make Changes to My Encoder Profile?

In Studio, encoder profiles are now referred to as encoder presets. You can manage your encoder presets in Settings > Encoder Settings > Encoder Presets

How Do I Make Changes to My Encoder Event Profile?

In Studio, encoder profiles are now referred to as encoder channels. You can manage your encoder channels in Settings > Encoder Settings > Encoder Channels.

How Do I Make Changes to a Web Profile?

In Studio, web profiles are now referred to as web presets. You can manage your web presets in Settings > Web Settings > Web Presets.

How Do I Make Changes to a Web Event Profile?

In Studio, web event profiles are now referred to as web channels. You can manage your web channels in Settings > Web Settings > Web Channels.

How Do I Manually Start or Stop an Encoder?

Your Studio dashboard provides quick access to start and stop your encoders. To start or stop an encoder, click the Start or Stop button in the Encoders widget. If you cannot find your encoder in the Dashboard, you can click the See All button in the corner of the widget to open the encoder settings page. Learn more.

How Do I Find an Embed Code or Stream URL?

Whether you need an embed code or stream URL will entirely depend on where you intend to broadcast your web event. Embed codes will work with most websites, but certain web platforms and applications (such as Church Online Platform or a Roku channel) will require a Stream URL. You can learn more about each code available to you by reading about how to Embed Your Stream.

Embed codes and stream URLs can be found in one of a few locations in Studio. Once you navigate to one of these locations and find the appropriate video(s), click on the share button (or the Embed tab if you go through your Web Channels) in the details page. From there, you can copy and paste according to your broadcast destination’s needs.


  1. Navigate to the Library.
  2. Click the Saved Videos, Web Videos, or Playlists tabs.
  3. Click on the video or playlist you want to embed.

Web Channels

  1. Navigate to Settings > Web Channels.
  2. Click on the channel associated with your event.
  3. Click on the Embed tab. 


  1. Navigate to the Schedule.
  2. Click on the scheduled event with the web destination you would like to embed.
  3. Find your web destination by clicking on the Destinations tab on the event details page.

How Do I Make Changes to My Resi Account Settings?

In Studio, you can update your password, change notification settings, and more in Settings > Account Details.

How Do I See My Subscription Details?

In Studio, your active subscriptions and add-ons are listed in your Organization Details page. If you have questions about your usage or want to make a change to your subscription, please contact customer success.

How Do I Tell How Much Data I Have Used?

You can see how much data you have used by looking at the Current Month Bandwidth widget in the Dashboard. If you would like a more detailed picture of your data usage, you can find that in the Bandwidth Usage tab in your Organization Details. 

How Do I Download a Video from My Event?

Web and encoder videos from your recent events are stored in the Library under the Saved Videos, Web Videos, and Encoder Videos tabs.

  1. Navigate to the Library page in Studio.
  2. Selecter the Encoder Videos, Web Videos or Saved Videos tab.
  3. Click on the thumbnail of the video you want to download.
  4. On the video preview page, click on the menu icon below the player.
  5. Select Download.
  6. Set your video preferences (i.e. start/stop position, video bitrate, and audio channels) 
  7. Do one of the following:
    • Click the Download Video button to download the video to your device.
    • Click the Create Download Link button in order to create a link that can be sent over email, posted to a web or social media page, etc.

How Do I Upload a Video to the Library?

You can use the Library to store videos from broadcasts that have already run, but you can also upload them straight from your computer. Navigate to the Library page in Studio and go through the steps described in our article on Uploading Videos in Studio.

How Do I Schedule a Live Event?

Studio is a powerful tool for creating and tracking live broadcasts that you plan to run in the future. If you would like to do this, make sure that you have the following beforehand:

If you would like your broadcast to appear on your web or social media page, you will also need to create the following:

After you have all of these components, you can go through the steps described in our article on Creating a New Event.

How Do I Schedule a Sim-Live (Replay) Event?

Sim-live events are now known as Replay events in Studio. If you would like to create a new Replay event, you can do so by making sure you have a web channel set up with your desired content. Once you have done this, you can navigate to the Schedule page and go through the steps described in our article on Scheduling a Replay Event.

How Do I Create a Scheduled Event From a Saved Video?

If you have access, you can create a scheduled event from any saved video. 

  • From the Library: Click the menu icon next to any video in your Saved Videos tab and select the Schedule option.
  • From the Schedule: When you add a new event, select the Saved Video option for the Content Source and click the Add Library Video button.

You can learn more about either of these methods here.

How Do I Edit or Remove a Scheduled Event?

If you would like to adjust a future event in Studio, you can do so by navigating to the Schedule and going through the steps described in Edit or Delete an Event. If you are adjusting a recurring scheduled event, keep in mind that any adjustments you make will apply to all future instances of that recurring event.

How Do I Create a Recurring Event?

When you go through the steps to Create a New Event, you will see a toggle labeled Repeats in the schedule details. When you toggle this on, you’ll see the following options:


Choose how often you want your event to run and whether to end after a specific number of occurrences, on a specific date, or never at all (only when you decide to remove the recurring event completely). If you need to skip a specific instance, you can do so.

How Do I Customize the Web Player?

You can customize certain elements of the Resi web player by adjusting the parameters of the embed code you are using to display your content. You can see what can be adjusted and how to do so by reading our article on how to Embed Your Stream.

How Do I See Analytics for My Events?

Studio utilizes many of the same analytics features that you may already be used to in Control. When you navigate to the Analytics tab, you will see a number of charts and statistics that give you insight into your viewer counts, average watch times, trends, and many other useful statistics. If you would like to learn about all of the analytics and tools available to you, you can read our overview of Event Analytics.

How Do I Add Automated Subtitles to My Event?

Automated subtitles can only be added to a web event and must be configured in the Web Channel your event is going to be stored on before the start of your broadcast.

  1. Navigate to Studio > Settings > Web Channels.
  2. Find or add the web channel you intend to use.
  3. If you are editing an existing channel, click the edit icon . Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  4. Under Additional Options, make sure the Automated Subtitles toggle is enabled.

You can learn more by reading about how to Add Subtitles to a Web Event.

How Do I Build and Publish a Playlist?

Playlists are used in conjunction with the Resi player in order to group and playback multiple videos on your organization’s website. In order to use playlists, you will need a Content Library and Web Platform subscription in order to do this. You can learn more in our article about how to Use Playlists

How Do I Broadcast to a Streaming Box or TV Application?

Stream URLs allow you to broadcast your events through Over-The-Top streaming applications, such as Roku and Apple TV, and other third-party sites with certain streaming requirements. Although implementation of these URLs will depend entirely on the application you are using, you can learn how to Activate Stream URLs in Studio.

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