Create a New Encoder Channel

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An encoder channel is a cloud folder where the original captured format of video content is stored. This content can be used by a decoder and is used to create the transcoded copy of content for a web stream.

Encoder videos in your encoder channel are stored in the cloud for a set period of time, and appear in the Expiring Encoder Videos tab in the Library. You can download these videos to archive or edit them, or allow them to expire.

How Many Encoder Channels Do I Need?

If you’re streaming to the web (a website, social media, etc.), you typically only need a single encoder channel that can be used for all of your events. If you are broadcasting to decoders, using multiple encoder channels is an easy way to manage which decoder has access to which content or to specify different periods of time encoder videos are stored.

Create a New Encoder Channel


  1. In Studio, navigate to Settings > Encoder Settings > Encoder Channels.
  2. Click Add Channel in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Provide a channel name (this can be whatever you want).
  4. Select the timeframe in which the encoder video will be stored in Studio (You can download it from the Library any time before it is deleted).
  5. Modify venue permissions (if you have more than one venue).
  6. Click Add.

To edit an existing encoder channel, click it to open the encoder details page. Then click the edit icon.

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