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Control Studio Notes
Contact User In Studio, Control’s Users and Contacts are both referred to as Users. You can control user permissions and roles by clicking the Settings tab, then selecting Users & Permissions from the left sidebar. Learn more
Encoder Event Schedule > Encoder Schedule Library > Encoder Videos Encoder schedules provide the content source for upcoming and On Air events which originate from encoders (hardware or software). Encoder videos are the recorded encoder content in its original format (set by the encoder preset). They can only be loaded on decoders or viewed in Studio, and cannot be embedded in web pages or streamed to social media. 
Encoder Event Profile Encoder Channel Encoder channels allow you to configure where you want your encoder events stored, how long they will be stored for, and venue access permissions. Encoder channels have a dedicated page in Studio under Settings.Once a live event has ended, you’ll find the encoder recording in the Encoder Videos tab in the Library.
Encoder Profile Encoder Preset Encoder presets control the audio and video configuration of your encoder, including both input and output. You can configure these on the Encoder Presets page in your Studio settings. Learn more
Events (Page) Library Videos from your past events are displayed either under the  Encoder Videos tab or under the Web Videos tab in the Library. If you choose to save one or more videos for on demand purposes, they will be displayed in the Saved Videos tab. Only web videos may be saved.
Library Library Studio’s Library provides a more powerful and intuitive way to manage recordings from your encoders and web events, as well as video content you want available on demand. Learn more
Video Review (page) Library (with video review permissions) Users with video review permissions now have read-only access to scheduling, analytics, and library in Studio. Video Review features are available in the Library. Learn more
Web Encoder Profile Web Preset Web presets define video and audio channel settings used to send video and audio to a web destination. Studio has a dedicated page for managing your web presets. In some cases, you may want to create a second web preset for an event. For example, multi-lingual events need a dedicated web preset for each language in order to accommodate the distinct audio channels for each language.
Web Event Profile Web Channel Web channels allow you to configure where and for how long your streams to web and social destinations are stored. Each web channel has a distinct embed code and stream URLs (plan specific), both of which will display the most recently broadcast web video (until it expires).Once a web or social event has ended, you can find the video recording in the Library under Web Videos. 
Web Event  Event→ Content Destination → Web Channel When scheduling an event, content can be broadcast to one or more web channels by adding a content destination.
Web Event -> Social Destination Event → Content Destination → Social Media Destination When scheduling an event, content can be broadcast to one or more social destinations by adding a content destination.
Web Event (in Library) Web Video (or Saved Video) In Control, the Library provides access to recordings of your web events. In Studio, these recordings are available in the Library on the Web Videos tab. An expiring video can be saved for long-term storage prior to the expiration date. Once saved, a copy of the video will appear in the Saved Videos tab.
Sim-Live Replay In Control, users are able to schedule previous web events to stream again at a later time, called sim-live. In Studio, the same function is called replay. To schedule a replay, navigate to the Schedule page. For more details on scheduling a replay, see Schedule an Event.

New Concepts

Content Destination When you schedule a new event, you can select one or more content destinations: web, Facebook, and/or Youtube. Content destinations are distinct from destination groups, which are a group of content destinations set up specifically for use with the Resi plugin for ProPresenter.
Encoder Videos Once an event is On Air, you can find a recording of the encoder video in the Encoder Videos tab in the Library. 
Web Videos Once an event is On Air, you can find a recording of the web event in the Web Videos tab in the Content Library. You can click a video to see more details, or save the video to your library by clicking the menu icon, then selecting Save Video.
Playlists A playlist allows you to display saved videos to your viewers in a grouped or sequential format (Learn more). This feature requires a Content Library subscription.
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