Manually Start or Stop an Encoder

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In some cases, you may need to start and stop your encoder manually, such as when you want to encode an unscheduled stream to be uploaded to the library and used at a later time. 


Your audio and video capture devices should be powered on and sending data to your encoder before you power it on.

Start an Encoder

Your Studio dashboard provides quick access to start or stop your encoder(s).

  1. Navigate to your Studio dashboard.
  2. Click the Start button beside the encoder you want to start. (If you don’t see your encoder listed, navigate to Settings > Encoders to see the complete list of your encoders.)
  3. Select the encoder preset you want to use.
  4. Select the encoder channel you want to use.
  5. Click Start Encoder.

Stop an Encoder

Once you have started an encoder, either manually or via a scheduled event, you then have the ability to stop that encoder manually. The status of your encoder(s) is displayed in your Studio dashboard.

  1. Navigate to your Studio dashboard.
  2. Click Stop beside the encoder.

In the modal that appears, click Stop to confirm that you want to stop the encoder.

Manually stopping an encoder will stop broadcasts to all live-streaming destinations that are using the resulting encoder video. If you attempt to manually stop an encoder after a scheduled event began, a modal will appear where you'll confirm stopping the encoder and broadcasts.



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