Encoder Setup and Data Sheets

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In this article, there are step-by-step instructions on how to set up your hardware encoder and get started. Each set of instructions contains:

  • Where to power on your encoder
  • Which cables to connect and where on your encoder
  • What to do once the encoder's got power and network access.

Below the setup instructions, you'll find data sheets for each hardware encoder. Data sheets provide:

  • A product overview
  • Which video/audio formats are compatible with each encoder
  • The compression format each encoder uses
  • General specifications for each encoder¬†

NEW: Download the Encoder Setup Checklist

Setup Instructions

Server-Grade Encoder - E1200/E2211/E2221

Server-Grade E4300 Encoder

RAY Encoder - E1210

Encoder Data Sheets

RAY E1210-1 Encoder Data Sheet

Server-Grade E1200-5 Encoder Data Sheet

Server-Grade E2211-5 Encoder Data Sheet

Server-Grade E2221-5 Encoder Data Sheet

Server-Grade E4300-1 Encoder Data Sheet

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