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When you grant Resi access to your Facebook account, that access remains for 90 days. In order to consistently stream to Facebook,  renew Resi’s access to your Facebook account before it expires. 

Streaming contacts in your Resi account will receive notifications when your expiration approaches.

Status Definitions

Your Social Media page in Studio displays the status of each of your connected social media accounts.

  • Access verified (YouTube only) - Resi verified your YouTube channel has live streaming enabled.
  • Not Allowed to Live Stream (YouTube only) - Resi verified that it has is access to your YouTube channel, but that account has not enabled live streaming yet or has not waited 24 hours after requesting social media be enabled.
  • No Access - Resi cannot access this social media account, which may happen when the Resi application permissions have yet to be verified, have been revoked, or access has expired. (You can reauthenticate to regain access to the social media site by clicking the menu icon beside that social media account, then selecting Grant Access.)
  • Access Expires [date] - Displays the date Resi’s access to that Facebook account expires.

Renew Access to Your Facebook Account

  1. Navigate to Settings > Social Media in Studio.
  2. Click the menu beside the Facebook account you want to renew.
  3. Select Renew Access.
  4. Sign in to the Facebook modal that appears.
  5. In the second Facebook modal that appears, click Continue.

The Facebook modal will close. Your Social Media page will display a new expiration date for Resi’s access to your Facebook account.

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