Embrava Blynclight

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The peripherals we describe in this article are recommended based on how well they have worked for other Resi customers and in tests conducted by our support staff. However, your specific organization’s recording setup and needs may not be compatible with these third-party devices. Resi cannot provide support for these products and recommends that you either contact your specific device’s manufacturer or one of our local resellers too inquire about signal integration services.

​You can use Embrava Blynclights with Resi decoders to visually represent the remaining buffer time. Resi decoders work with Blynclight Mini, Blynclight Plus, and Blynclight Wireless.

​When an event gets loaded, the Blynclight displays as red. As the buffer increases, the color changes to yellow, which indicates less than the optimal buffer, and then to green, with green being the recommended color for playback. Learn more

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