KVM Extenders

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To control a decoder from another part of the building, Resi recommends the following KVM Extender(s).

AV Access HDMI KVM Extender

There are a variety of KVM Extenders that can help remotely control your decoder. To learn more, see AV Access's KVM Extenders.

Resi recommends the peripherals in this article based on how well they have worked for other customers. Your specific organization’s recording setup and needs may not be compatible with these third-party devices. Resi cannot provide support for these products and recommends that you contact your specific device’s manufacturer or an audio/video integrator with questions you may have.

While Resi's support team is unable to provide support for third party peripherals, other users who use them may be able to help if you have questions. The Resi Facebook User Group is a great place to pose your questions and interact with other Resi users. 

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