Video Timing Synchronization

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The peripherals we describe in this article are recommended based on how well they have worked for other Resi customers and in tests conducted by our support staff. However, your specific organization’s recording setup and needs may not be compatible with these third-party devices. Resi cannot provide support for these products and recommends that you either contact your specific device’s manufacturer or one of our local resellers too inquire about signal integration services.

You can use the following external devices to synchronize a video signal with a central timing reference (Color Black, Tri-Level sync). You can genlock a decoder video output with production systems that do not offer automatic input frame synchronization.

Note: Resi offers a decoder model that supports reference-input, which can provide timed video output from the decoder natively.


I/Os include SD/HD/3G SDI input and output, HDMI output, and 2-channel RCA style audio output. A reference input allows the UDC to be locked to a local reference. Learn more

Grass Valley ADVC G1

The ADVC G1 converts and/or upconverts sources to HD/SD-SDI (with 1.5 and 3 Gb/s support) via its HDMI, DVI, component, composite, and S-Video inputs. The box also functions as an audio embedder, which captures sources via its AES/EBU and analog audio inputs and embedding them for output via SDI. With its video reference input, the ADVC G1 is able to serve as a frame synchronizer. Learn more


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