What Is Studio?

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Studio is Resi’s online portal for managing your organization’s live streaming. It is an intuitive and powerful interface where you will be able to configure your hardware, schedule live and replay events to multiple destinations, and archive and distribute media from past events.

Studio is organized into 5 main areas:

  • Dashboard
  • Media
  • Schedule
  • Analytics
  • Settings



The Dashboard gives you quick access to the key features and information you need on a regular basis.


  • Status - This displays the encoder name, type, status, and detected input for your first five encoders (click the shortcut to go to the Encoders page to see them all). You can click the encoder name to view the full encoder details.
  • Start/Stop button - Manually start or stop an encoder straight from the dashboard. 

Live and Upcoming

  • The events widget provides a look into your upcoming scheduled events at a glance. Each day with a pink dot indicates event(s). Click on each day to see the event(s). 
  • Click the See All button to access an itemized list of upcoming events. 

Current Month Bandwidth

  • The bandwidth widget displays how much bandwidth you've used month-to-date. Learn more

Venues and Decoders

  • If you have a multisite subscription, you can see a list of your decoders and their statuses.



The Media section contains videos recorded during your events. You can save your web videos or upload edited videos to your media for playback immediately, during future scheduled events, or for viewers to watch on-demand.


If you have a On Demand subscription, you'll find any videos you save in the Library tab (these can be videos that you have streamed or videos that you have uploaded). Resi's On Demand is our archiving and storage tool. Each saved video can be distributed using a unique embed code and stream URL. 

Web Videos

Events you stream to the web are saved as web videos. These are temporarily stored in the Web Videos tab in Media. You can make web videos available on-demand via an embed code before they expire, download them, and/or save them permanently if you have an On Demand subscription.

You can set expiration dates for web videos in the Web Channels page.

Encoder Videos

The captured video content from your encoder is available in the Encoder Videos tab. These are available for download, or you can replay them at a physical location using a decoder. 

You can set expiration dates for encoder videos in the Encoder Channels page.


Playlists allow you to display saved videos to your audience in a format that is sequential or grouped by topic (Learn more). This feature requires an On Demand subscription. 

Recently Uploaded Videos

This tab provides quick access to information about the content you’ve uploaded most recently.



The Schedule page contains everything you need to set up one-time or recurring events. When you create an event, you can configure event recurrence, select content source, and configure one or more destinations (web, social media). Learn more



The Analytics page provides viewer data for web destinations, including viewers who watched from a Resi-hosted embed or stream URL, Facebook, or YouTube. You can see essential statistics like unique viewers, time watched, location, and more. You're also able to choose whether you want to see viewership for a single event or all events. Screen_Shot_2023-01-24_at_2.39.08_PM.png



Use the Settings area to configure your encoders, destinations, and more. Once you’ve configured your settings, you’ll rarely have to revisit them. Studio is designed to work smoothly with as little manual work as possible.

Broadcast Settings

Encoder Settings


You’ll use the Encoders area to activate and manage your active hardware encoders (Resi users with the Resi ProPresenter plugin will manage their software encoder in ProPresenter. Learn more).

Encoder Presets

Encoder presets are the input and output settings for your encoder. Typically, you’ll have one encoder preset per encoder, but Studio provides the flexibility to create multiple encoder presets.

Encoder Channels

Encoder channels allow you to configure where you want your encoder events stored, how long they will be stored for, and venue access permissions.

Web Settings

You’ll use this area to configure your streams to web destinations like an embedded player in your website, OTT apps, and/or social media.

Web Presets

Web presets contain the audio and video configuration information for streaming to web destinations. In most cases, you’ll use a single built-in web preset for an event.

In some cases, you may want to create a second web preset for an event. For example, multi-lingual events need a dedicated web preset for each language in order to accommodate the distinct audio channels for each language.

Web Channels

A web channel is the location where web videos are stored. Web channels have a specific embed code and stream URL that allows your viewers to see the most recent video in that channel. You can create as many web channels as you need.

Social Media

With Studio, you can configure YouTube and Facebook as destinations for streaming content. Learn more

Destination Groups

If you’re using the Resi plugin for ProPresenter, destination groups allow you to quickly select the destinations you want to broadcast to.

Account Settings

Organization Details

Your billing and subscription information is easily accessible in the Organization Details page. You can update your billing information by contacting billing@resi.io. If you want to make changes to your subscription, contact us.

Account Details

Access and manage your personal account information from the Account Details page.

Users & Permissions

Studio offers a streamlined approach to managing your team. You can add team members, manage their access, and configure notifications here. Learn more


Venues are the licenses used to grant multisite decoders access to event and video content.. You can configure your venues, select which encoder channels they can access, and more here. Learn more

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