How Do I Create a Site?

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Sites are web pages that you can generate in Studio to display your library videos in a format that resembles many modern streaming services. You can create a custom URL, add/edit playlists from Studio, and update as needed without having to build or host a platform.


Before You Begin

Before you can use the Sites feature, you need at least one playlist. You will also need an active Resi On Demand Pro or Enterprise streaming plan to use the Sites feature. Contact your customer success manager to add On Demand or Sites to your plan. 

Any changes you make to a playlist in Studio will be reflected in the sites you have added them to (including the name of the playlist). Please note, the hero banner at the top of your site will be the thumbnail from the first video of the first playlist under Site Playlists. 

Create a Site

To create a new site:

  1. Navigate to Media > Sites.
  2. Click + Add Site.
  3. Give your site a name. This will be used to identify it in Studio and appear at the top of your published site.


  1. Enter a site URL of your choice. Please note, you can’t change this once you save the site. If you choose a site url that is already active, you will be asked to enter a new one.
  2. Enter a description for your site (optional).
  3. If you use Google Analytics, you can add a Measurement ID to track activity at the Site URL.
  4. Choose the light or dark theme for your site: 
    • Dark


  • Light


  1. Click Add Playlist.


  1. In the following modal, check the box next to each playlist you would like to add.
  2. Click Continue.


  1. Repeat this process for any additional playlists you would like to add.
  2. Reorganize your playlists by clicking and dragging them into the order you want viewers to see them. Keep in mind that the hero banner at the top of your site will be the thumbnail of the first video in your top-most playlist.


  1. Review your site’s details and click Add.

Your site will now appear in Studio, with the site name and URL.

Manage a Site

You can edit, review, or remove your sites from the Sites tab on the Media page. Once there, you can do one or more of the following:

  • If you click the URL link next to your site’s name, it will open your site in a new tab. This will be what your viewers see.
  • If you would like to view or change your site’s details:
    1. In Studio, click the site’s name.
    2. Click the edit icon  
    3. You can change anything but the URL.
    4. Click Save when you are done.
  • Click the actions icon and select Remove if you would like to delete your site. You will be asked to type “CONFIRM” before finalizing your changes.


Share or Embed a Site

Your site can also be integrated into your existing website, much like embedding a web player. If you would like to embed your site into a pre-existing webpage, you can do so by using the share modal:

  1. Click on the name of the site you want to share.
  2. Click the share icon .
  3. In the modal that appears, click the copy icon to copy the site URL or embed site code to your clipboard.


  1. Paste the copied text into a website or hosting platform as you would a video or playlist.

If you embed your site and notice that the embedded site does not hide the header/footer, you may need to clear your browser’s cache.

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