How Do I Activate a Hardware Encoder on My Account?

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If you purchased your encoder through Resi, the support or success teams will activate it on your account and it should display in your Dashboard and the Encoders page in Studio. If you purchased or received your Resi encoder from another organization, from a secondary market, or it's not showing in your account, contact Resi's support team to activate it. 

Activate Your Hardware Encoder on Your Account

  1. Contact Resi's support team either at (800) 875-0696 ext. 2 or by sending an email to
  2. The support team will verify it is in your possession by one or more of these means:
    1. Requesting a photo of the serial number sticker.
    2. Asking you to bring it online and then turn it off to confirm it goes offline.
    3. Obtaining permission from the original owner. 
  3. Once the support team verifies you have possession of the encoder, they will activate it on your account and it will display in your Studio Dashboard and Encoders page

Once the encoder is on your account, you're ready to capture the content you want to broadcast. 

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