How Do I Update My Hardware Encoder?

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In order to provide your audience with a reliable stream, you need to make periodic updates to your encoder’s firmware. The update icon image5.png will appear next to any encoder that needs an update both on the Dashboard and on your Encoders page.  image1.png

Update a Hardware Encoder

Please note that the update icon only appears when your encoder is powered on and in the Stopped status. Updates are typically automatically pushed through during non-peak hours to prevent broadcast interruptions, however in some cases you may need to manually complete the process. If you need to update your encoder manually:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Encoders.
  2. Locate the encoder you need to update
  3. Click the actions icon image3.png > Update.
  4. On the confirmation page, click Start Updateimage4.png

It should take no more than 30 minutes for your encoder to download and install the updated firmware. If your update takes longer, contact Resi support for assistance.

In some cases, you need to update your encoder’s firmware before you can start it and its status will display Update Requiredimage2.png

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