Why Does My Video Fail to Load When I Use a Custom Player?

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You can use an embed code to stream to a custom app using the Android developer platform. However, you may find that your Resi videos are unable to play if you are using the embed ID with the stock MediaPlayer. This is because the Android MediaPlayer does not support the DASH manifest used by Resi to broadcast content at variable bitrates via HTTP. If you would like to broadcast content from Studio to your application, we recommend that you take one of the following actions.

Use a Player that Supports DASH

The most direct way to remedy this issue is by utilizing a media player that works with your Android application and supports DASH specifications. ExoPlayer is one such option that your organization could utilize. If this does not work for your needs, you can contact your customer success manager to find a better solution.

Distribute Videos to Android Users Via Our URL

If using a different media player is not an option, you can alternatively distribute your videos to Android users with the standalone URL provided for your broadcast. Provide a link in your application that will open a browser window with the broadcast video. The only caveat to this method is that we do not currently offer analytics for the standalone web player.

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