How Do I Fix Missing Audio in a Downloaded Video?

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When you download a video from Resi, the audio is almost always present during playback. If you’re experiencing issues hearing the audio, check that your video player recognizes and is compatible with the file’s audio codec, channels, or format. Resi has seen customers have success restoring audio with either using video transcoding software or a different media player.

Convert the Video with Video Transcoding Software

With video transcoding software, you can digitally convert a video so it has the audio codec and format the player you’re using supports. You can do this with tools like:

To learn more about using these tools see Export or Convert Your Video for Use with Resi or each product’s documentation:

If you’re unable to restore audio in your video, please contact our technical support team by using this form or reaching out to Include your export settings, any error that occurred, and screenshots of your file’s metadata.

Download and Use the VLC Player

In most cases, if audio isn’t playing back, the player you’re using doesn’t recognize or support its format. Resi has seen customers have success by switching to the VLC player. It’s a free, open source media player that is compatible with most modern video and audio formats. You can download it here.

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