Broadcast to Physical Locations in LAN Mode

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LAN mode is intended for users who are broadcasting from an encoder to one or more decoders on the same network. In LAN mode, your decoder(s) will pull an event directly from an encoder on the same network to broadcast without having to download content from the cloud. It’s useful if you’re broadcasting to different rooms and locations on the same campus or in an overflow room. 

This guide will walk you through using LAN mode and how to toggle it on for both your encoder and decoder. 

Resi doesn’t support using LAN mode through VPNs.

Why Use LAN Mode?

LAN mode provides users the opportunity to leverage their local network to provide viewers with a stellar viewing experience. You can choose the bandwidth you dedicate to each connection, which allows you to choose a custom buffer size for your content and bring it as close to live as you need. 

In many cases, it can also avoid complexities from using the cloud. In the event something happens with your connection to the cloud, you’ll be able to continue your broadcast worry-free with the event stored directly on your encoder. 

Resi has seen customers have success using a multi-wan router, which simplifies managing multiple internet connections. 

Toggle LAN Mode on Your Encoder

Your encoder will need LAN mode toggled on in order to store an event locally that a decoder can pull from. Contact Resi’s support team to toggle it on. Both RAY and server-grade encoders have LAN mode functionality, but it can only be toggled on by Resi support at this time.

An encoder can store one event when in LAN mode. Decoders can pull the event directly from the encoder to broadcast. When you encode another event, the encoder will store the new event and delete the old event. You will be unable to retrieve it.

Several decoders can pull an event from one encoder simultaneously when using LAN mode. You can use up to 10 decoders on the same network to broadcast the same event to physical locations. If you’re using several decoders to pull content from a single encoder with lower bandwidth, Resi recommends limiting network traffic per connection.  By limiting traffic, you’re dedicating bandwidth to the decoder connection, which can result in more successful broadcasts.

Toggle LAN Mode on Your Decoder

To toggle LAN mode on a decoder, first make sure you have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse plugged in. 

  1. Log in to the decoder interface.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  3. Toggle LAN Mode on.  image2.png

Resi’s decoders receive a list of IP addresses the encoder uses and attempt to download content from each of those IPs over HTTP via port 80. Then, it selects the fastest location as its primary source. It will run a speed test to determine which connection is faster:

  • Pulling and broadcasting the event directly from the encoder
  • Download and broadcasting the event from the cloud

If your connection with the encoder becomes unavailable, the decoder will pull content from the cloud.  

How do I tell if my decoder is in LAN mode or cloud mode?

You can see if your decoder is downloading content from the cloud or in LAN mode using the cloud or LAN mode icon in the upper-left corner of your decoder interface. It will display Cloud Mode if you’re downloading from the cloud, or LAN Mode if you’re pulling content from an encoder on the same network.  image1.png

Learn more about getting started with your decoder and managing events on your decoder.

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