How Can I Use Resi to Broadcast to Vimeo?

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Vimeo is one of the most popular platforms for uploading and live-streaming videos. If you have a streaming plan with RTMP destinations and/or the Media Library in Studio, you can build an audience on Vimeo in addition to all of your other streaming destinations. Either upload your Library videos to your Vimeo account or broadcast live with an RTMP destination.

Upload a Library Video to Vimeo

If you have recently broadcast a video or uploaded it to the Resi Library, you can download it directly from Studio by following one of the methods described in our article on how to Download or Share a Video. Once you have gone through this process, you can upload to the Vimeo platform. To learn more about Vimeo’s upload limitations and subscription requirements, you can read Vimeo’s documentation on uploading videos.

Live Stream from Resi to Vimeo

If you would like to broadcast a live video to Vimeo, you can do so by creating a custom RTMP destination in Studio. In order to do this, you will need to find the RTMP (stream) URL and stream key in your Vimeo Live settings. You can learn how to find these by reading about Vimeo’s live settings page and how to stream via RTMP. Like with uploading to Vimeo’s library, live streaming will have certain limitations based on your subscription to their platform. You can learn more by reading about Vimeo’s live streaming capabilities.

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