Broadcasting to Instagram through Live Producer

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You can use Resi’s Custom (RTMP) destinations to broadcast your content to hundreds of third-party platforms, including Instagram, which has over 2.35 billion active monthly users. Instagram launched a limited-access Live Producer program in 2022, which allows some users to broadcast live content via an RTMP stream. 

Resi is unaware of when more users will be added to the Instagram Live Producer program or how it selects them.

Instagram Live Producer

Instagram’s Live Producer plan allows users to broadcast live content via RTMP. Currently. it hasn’t rolled the program out to all users yet and it is in limited access, according to its website. The company hasn’t publicly announced its requirements or how it selects users for Live Producer at this time. To see if you have access to Live Producer:

  1. Log into your Instagram account from a browser, it will not work through the app.
  2. Click the Create tab. 

If you have the option for Live Video, you have access to Instagram Live Producer.  If you don’t have the option, you won’t be able to send an RTMP stream to Instagram until they activate it on your account. 

Broadcasting to Instagram

If you have the option for Live Video, here’s how to send your RTMP stream to Instagram:

  1. In your Instagram account, navigate to Create > Live Video
  2. Copy your Stream URL and Stream Key from Instagram.
  3. In Studio, create an RTMP Destination.
  4. Give your RTMP destination a name.
  5. Paste the Stream URL and Stream Key into their respective fields.
  6. Click Add Destination.
  7. Use the Resi scheduler to schedule an event using Custom (RTMP) as the destination.

When your event begins broadcasting, you should see it appear live through your Instagram account. 

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